Robidoux/Ute (RUte) Student Staff

Meet the Resident Advisors in the Robidoux/Ute (RUte) Area!



Name: Joseph Montellano

Location: Robidoux 1st

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Major: Physical Education       Minor: Coaching

Favorite Thing About Western: Small classes

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Meeting new people and building relationships.

About Me: I have lived in Colorado for 8 years. My hobbies include hiking, hunting, and hanging out with friends and family. I have 6 other siblings. Most of my family lives in Washington state. I'm an Oakland Raiders fan and a Los Angeles Lakers fan.



Name: Sarah Dore

Location: Robidoux 2nd

Hometown: Leadville, CO

Major: Photography     

Favorite Thing About Western: Everyone is so welcoming, and it's never hard to make friends!

Years as an RA: 2nd year as an RA and 1 year as an Academic Peer Advisor

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I love being an RA because I try to make everyone feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible. I love being there for my residents and being a cool person that they can come to about anything!

About Me: Hey!! I am a senior, and I'm majoring in photography. I love doing photo shoots with people. I adore the outdoors and am always down for a hike or a trip to the river! I enjoy listening to music, playing my guitar and records, watching movies (and I am always down to watch hockey) and playing games! Please come by my room and get to know me!



Name: Kiera E. Classen

Location as an RA: Ute 1st

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Major: Undecided 

Favorite Thing About Western: All the new and interesting things you can be involved in.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I am looking forward to meeting all the new residents and helping them find where they fit in the WSCU campus community.

About Me: While I am at school I participate in the Urban Gaming Club. We have a lot of fun putting on events like Humans Vs. Zombies. I also have a Radio show at KWSB (The Campus Radio Station.) Personally I enjoy swimming, skiing, rock climbing, slack-line, and any thing else outdoors when I have free time. In the summer, I return to Denver to work as a lifeguard and swim coach at the neighborhood pool. I have not decided on a major because there are just too many awesome ones from which to choose. Specifically, I am interested in Exercise and Sports Science,Recreation and Outdoor Education, and Business. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I love meeting new people!!!



Name: Kimberly Blunt

Location as an RA: Ute 2nd

Hometown: SanDiego, California

Major: Business

Favorite Thing About Western: The level of encouragement to get involved in school and the community.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Looking forward to working within coming freshmen and helping them adjust to college life.

About Me: I was born and raised in San Diego. My family includes my dad, mom, brother, and our two cats. I like playing soccer and enjoy coaching with my dad. I chose to come to Western because I wanted to experience life going to college in a small town away from home. I am a part of Archery and Christian Challenge on campus and urge students to get involved in school and the community.