Mears Complex Resident Assistants

Meet the Resident Assistants in the Mears Complex!

Mears Hall

Rebekah Knapp, Resident Assistant of Mears 1st Floor
Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Major: Business Administration with an emphasis on Resort Management
Fun Fact: I dated Leonardo DiCaprio once.

Cameron Gill, Senior Resident Assistant of Mears 2nd Floor
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Major: Sociology with an emphasis on Criminal Justice
Fun Fact: I stayed up for 49 hours once.

Brady Hogan, Resident Assistant of Mears 3rd Floor
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Wildlife Biology, Minors in Chemistry and Business Administration
Fun Fact: My favorite candy is Watermelon Sour Patch Kids.

Moffat Hall

Cody Johnson, Resident Assistant of Moffat 1st Floor
Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Fun Fact: I spent the night on an old military ship in Boston.

Krista Chavez, Resident Assistant of Moffat 2nd Floor
Hometown: Taos, New Mexico
Major: Pre-Medicine
Fun Fact: I am a two-time State Champion in Cheerleading.

Jeremy Burkett, Resident Assistant of Moffat 3rd Floor
Hometown: Canon City, Colorado
Major: Accounting
Fun Fact: I fought a bear once.