Mears SYE Student Staff

Meet the Resident Advisors in the Mears Sophomore Year Experience!


Name: Spencer Jost

Location as an RA: Moffat 1st

Hometown: Salem, Wisconsin

Major: Recreation and Outdoor Education

Favorite Thing About Western:  I'm excited for the larger student population and the larger mount of diversity.

Years as an RA: 1st year

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I love new experiences. Everyday there is something new going on--meeting new people and learning new things.

About Me:  I'm originally from Wisconsin. Every since I was little, I knew I wanted to move to Colorado. I moved to Steamboat Springs 2 years ago and attended Colorado Mountain College. I was an RA there for 6 months and a Senior RA for a year. I absolutely love the outdoors, and I have loved every minute of living in Colorado. I'm really looking forward to being a part of the Western comunity!

Name: Emma Bridges

Location: Moffat 2nd

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Major: Biology (Pre-Med) and Exercise Sports Science          Minor: Spanish

Favorite Thing About Western: How close we are to the mountains, hiking trails, and rocks for climbing!

Years as an RA: 1st year

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: The chance to get to know my residents and be a support for them in the coming year.

About Me: I was born and raised in Colorado but took a yearlong break to live in Rome, Italy with my mom and brother. I have played soccer since I can remember and now play for Western's NCAA team. When I'm not studying, I love rock climbing, hiking, and all things outdoors! I have an obsession with cooking and nutrition. It's not uncommon to find me munching on a bell pepper like it's an apple.


Name: Tim Mannuzza

Location as an RA: Moffat 3rd

Hometown: Apple Valley, Minnesota

Major: Recreation and Outdoor EducationAnthropology

Favorite Thing About Western:  It's wilderness pursuits program's cheap trips and gear rentals.

Years as an RA: 1st year

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Making connections with people of so many different lifestyles and backgrounds.

About Me:  My heart lies in the North Woods of Ely, Minnesota where I graduated from Vermilion Community College in Outdoor Leadership. When I wasn't busy running the school Newspaper or as student body Vice President, I was canoeing or skiing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I spent the summer working for The Road Less Traveled where I lead 2 trips to Mission: Wolf, outside Westcliffe, Colorado. I love to spend my time outside whether canoeing, kayaking or simply wandering; I am easily spotted, wearing almost exclusively tie-die.  When not wandering about I love making music with others and hopes to pick up the Ukulele this year.


Name: Cody Bontecou

Location as an RA: Mears 1st

Hometown: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Major: Environmental Studies + Business Administration          Minor: Biology

Favorite Thing About Western: Endless outdoor activities

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: One thing i'm definitely looking forward to is the tools I will gain from this. Whether it's being a role model, creating hall activities, or simply managing my time well, I know I will learn a lot from this position.

About Me:  Having been born and raised in Hawaii, I learned to enjoy the outdoors a lot. Surprisingly, Gunnison is a lot like Hawaii. Instead of the ocean, we have mountains. They provide an unlimited amount of wilderness to explore and enjoy and I plan do do just that. Video games are my second love and when I'm not outdoors doing something, chances are I'm in my room chilling on the computer or gaming on the consoles.


Name: Bradley Archer

Location as an RA: Mears 2nd

Hometown: Milliken, Colorado


Major: Communication Arts

Favorite Thing About Western: I love the great real-life experience Western can give you in your chosen field of study.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I love talking and getting to know everyone I can.

About Me:  I was born in Loveland, Colorado and moved about until I settled in Milliken. I have been involved with whatever I can since I was very young -- from sports and Boy Scouts to a state office for the family, career, and community leaders of America. I love Colorado with all my heart and could not imagine living anywhere but Gunnison. I enjoy climbing, snowboarding, and a little bit of kayaking. If I'm not busy doing the many things I'm involved in, I am hanging out with friends and getting to know new ones.

Name: Lyndsie Conklin

Location: Mears 3rd/2nd, Senior Resident Advisor

Hometown: Ronan, Montana

Major: English with a Creative Writing emphasis          Minor: Mathematics

Favorite Thing About Western: Taylor Hall. That building as seen everything this university has gone through. It is the biggest and most beautiful building on campus but it has a story and a history that none of the other buildings cannot compete with. I love walking around in that building and finding new things to look at, including pictures from the school's past. I wish I could live in Taylor because it is so awesome. But since my major is housed in Taylor it is like a second home here on campus.

Years as an RA: 2 years, 2 summers, and 1 year as an Academic Peer Advisor

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Oh! The creative side of the job. I love making bulletin boards, door decs and posters. I used to scrapbook and I have always had a creative mind so nothing makes me happier then doing something creative. Plus, I kill two birds with one stone because I am expressing myself while still doing my job!

About Me: I am 21 years old and I am from a small town in the middle of Kalispell and Missoula Montana. My family has lived on a 20 acre farm with cows, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, pigs, and 5 dogs for the past 8 years. I have two younger brothers who are two of my best friends and who challenge me a lot. My parents are awesome! My dad and I are huge sci-fi junkies and my mom and I have a blast doing anything together, including watching 80s movies and playing cribbage. When I am not at home I am here spending time with friends, my boyfriend, and trying to start my future. I would love to get into publishing sometime in the near future and would like to have a book or two of my poems published!