Escalante Complex Student Staff

Meet the Resident Advisors in Escalante!




Name: Lydia Personne

Location: Dolores 2nd

Hometown: Littleton, Colorado

Major: Pre-Med, Exercise and Sports Science

Favorite Thing About Western: The small class sizes allow for a very close teacher to student learning environment.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I am excited to see the different relationships throughout my floor grow and to have the chance to mentor freshmen.

About Me: I am extremely active. Whether it be hiking, rock climbing, or working our, I am always moving. I am also extremely dedicated to school, my own or others. I am an SI instructor for Bio 130, and when it comes to science, I could not be more fascinated with how the human body works. I am the youngest of three and the only girl. I wouldn't have it any other way. I look forward to my future career as a pediatric oncologist and can't wait to get there!


Name: Kelsey Forbord

Location: Dolores 3rd

Hometown: Olympia, Washington

Major: Exercise and Sports Science          Minor: Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: Everything you need is right here in the valley, and you can't get any better than that.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Meeting new people and being able to help the incoming freshmen.

About Me: I'm a swimmer for Western and have been swimming since I was 8. I worked as a lifeguard for the City of Denver. My favorite fruit and my favorite color is orange. I love meeting new people. It keeps things interesting.



Name:Brianna Curran

Location as an RA:Colorado 2nd

Hometown: San Diego, CA / Colorado Springs, CO

Major:  Going to be Environmental Studies, currently Theater                  

Favorite Thing About Western: The small town atmosphere is way more mellow than what I was used to and it's calmed me down a lot. Western has also taught me to truly love snow.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: What I'm looking most forward to as an RA is the opportunity to be there for my residents, hold down the fort so that everyone has a happy, safe, healthy environment to be a part of, and that my residents can confide in me.

About Me: I'm from California originally but couldn't imagine being anywhere but the mountains right now. I am the baby of six in my family! I have plenty of nieces and nephews that crawl all over me when I visit them.  I worked for Parks and Recreation this summer so I found a lot of cool little hideaways to play. I have a few scars, and can't wait to get more learning to snowboard! And, I really like sunflowers! 


Name: Mark Dyer

Location: Colorado 3rd

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Major: Exercise and Sports Science          Minor: Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: The connection to the outdoors with the great education

Years as an RA: 2nd

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I like being the person that people come to when they have  a problem, to know that I am the one they come to when they need a problem solved. I also enjoy creating bonds with people and getting to know everyone.

About Me: I love the outdoors!! My favorite activities have to be mountain biking and skiing. I love hitting all kinds of XC and downhill trails. I also enjoy camping, fishing, backpacking, rock climbing, and just about anything that gets me outside. I'm all about hanging out with friends and chilling out.


Name: T.J. Frison

Location: Tomichi 2nd

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Major: Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: The sports teams

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Helping people see the more positive side of life

About Me: The only time I sit still is when I'm playing game systems, doing homework,sleeping, and counseling other people. I train 24/7 for track and I do not plan to stop. Music is everything to me and you will never see me without it,unless I am applying for a job. My hobbies include dance, basketball,tumbling, and martial arts (never said I was good at any of these activities). Other hobbies include collecting shoes due to the fact that I am a sneaker head (a broke one to say the least). Other than that there is nothing much to say but that I'm chill and an easy guy to talk to. Hit me up if you need anything.



Name: Tonya Kauffman

Location: Tomichi 3rd

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Major: Math and Exercise Sports Science          Major: Secondary Education

Favorite Thing About Western: The environment! Couldn't ask for a better place!

Years as an RA: 1st (and I'm super excited!) 

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Building community with my floor and seeing the people around me grow!

About Me:  I am super active and love being outdoors! I love volleyball and tennis and have taken up rugby here at Western! I am a really hyper, happy person and I am always willing to talk. I find meeting new people intriguing; so come by my room anytime you want! :)



Name: Emily Thompson

Location: Crystal 2nd

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Major: Music          Minor: Business

Favorite Thing About Western: It takes less than ten minutes to walk anywhere on campus. This is really useful in winter!

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I'm looking forward to getting to know all of my resident and to planning fun events for our group!

About Me:  This is my second year at Western. I love playing piano, violin, and tennis. I also recently found a passion for bouldering. I'm an outdoor and an indoor person. Mr favorite color is yellow. When the weather is right, I love skiing and snowboarding! When I grow up, I want to be a music producer and world traveler.



Name: Mary Virginia Simpson

Location: Crystal 3rd, Senior Resident Advisor

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Major: Elementary Education and Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling

Favorite Thing About Western: The small community. I love being outside, and Gunnison offers many opportunities for outdoor pursuits. I also love the small class sizes and the many opportunities they bring.

Years as an RA: 3rd

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Being able to be creative. I love doing the bulletin boards and door decorations. Being an RA also means being able to have a strong community within the floor and around the building with the other staff members.

About Me:  This is my fourth year at Western. I love getting to know people. I am a very optimistic person and look at the glass as half full. I am always open for a conversation. One of my passions is helping others. This past year, I volunteered at a local school in Gunnison. I have enjoyed every moment of being able to work with the kids. My goal after I graduate is to work with children. Someday, I hope to work with special education children. During the winter months, I love to ski! When I have free time, I like to play tennis, bake read, and do arts and crafts. When I am in my room, my door is always open, and everyone is welcome.