Apartments Student Staff

Meet the Resident Advisors for the Apartments at Western!


Chipeta Apartments


Name:  Michael Visconti

Location: Chipeta 3rd, Apartments Senior Resident Advisor

Hometown: Englewood, Colorado

Major: Communications            Minor: Pre-Law

Favorite Thing About Western: Western truly gives students the ability to find out who they are and where they want to go in their lives. The small community allows students to truly connect with professional staff members for guidance and mentoring.

Years as an RA: Two years and two summers

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I would have to say my favorite thing about being an RA is facilitating my residents' growth and development on both an academic level and a personal level as well. It's great to see students come to Western and realize their true potential inside and outside of the classroom.

About Me: I go by Michael, and this is my fourth year at Western. I would have to say my roots run deep here. My grandfather graduated from Western in the late 1940s, as did my father in the late 80s. I always strive for success in all aspects of my life and enjoying learning life's lessons along the way. I enjoy the fishing, lifting, weights, and breathing in that clean Gunnison air.



Name:  Nadia Juvera

Location: Chipeta 2nd

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Major: Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: The welcoming community on and off campus

Years as an RA: Two years and two summers

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I love being the person who residents can come to when they have questions, want to hang, or need someone to listen to them.

About Me: I am a junior this year. I graduated from a small, private high school. I was originally a business major, but I switched to psychology. When I graduate I plan on pursuing my masters in Psychology and becoming a counselor. This year, I am living in Chipeta Hall and I will be participating in the pet program. I have a 5 year old boxer, Bowser, and I cannot want to have him here. I love working out, hanging out with my friends, watching movies, and being outside. I am really excited for this year and what it has in store for me!


Pinnacles Apartments 


Name: Kim Weincek

Location as an RA: Pinnacles 1st

Hometown: Louisville, CO

Major: Art and Psychology

Favorite Thing About Western: The Mountains, the rock, and the valley

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: I am looking forward to building more relationships with other students and learning how to balance my professional and personal life together. Plus I am pumped to take on a leadership position. 

About Me:  I am a junior who has worked at CBMR for the last two winter seasons moving back onto campus since freshman year. I love to rock climb, backpack, ride my bike and of course SKI and SNOWBOARD in POW POW! The real reason I am at Western is Jesus' provision for my life. Being in school is a door that he opened that I wasn't really wanting or searching for but here I am enjoying all that life can provide--learning about my identity in Christ and how He can change all I am with all the love in the world that I cannot fathom. Yeah, you could say that life is an adventure:) 




Name:  George "Conner" Pigg

Location: Pinnacles 2nd

Hometown: Rye, Colorado

Major: History

Favorite Thing About Western: The snow

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Being involved in the Western Community

About Me: My name is George but I go by Conner. I hail from the small town of Rye, where I competed in football, wrestling, and track. I grew up a a farm and ranch that keeps me very busy during the summer. I am currently a sophomore at Western State studying history looking to become a high school teacher. I enjoy cooking and working on cars. I a bit of a cinefile. Superheros movies are my favorite.I am looking forward to another great year at Western.



Name:Victory(a) Spiller

Location as an RA: 3rd and 4th floor in the Pinnacle Apartment Complex

Hometown:Fountain, CO

Major:Biology with an emphasis in cell biology and pre-vet medicine          Minor:Anthropology

Favorite Thing About Western: The community. It is so easy to make new friends here and get involved.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: Since this is my first year as an RA, I would have to say I am looking forward to getting to know my residents and making their experience at Western as enjoyable as possible.  

About Me: This is my second year at Western, and I couldn't imagine going to school anywhere else. This school gave me the opportunity to make a name for myself because it is such a tight knit community. Besides being an RA, I spend the rest of my time being a Western Cheerleader. When I'm not doing either of those activities, I enjoy spending time with my friends and making new memories. I am very excited to start this year as a new RA. 



Name:  Kailie Wallace

Location: Pinnacles 3rd and 4th East

Hometown: Bremerton, Washington

Major: Business Administration          Minor: Exercise and Sports Science

Favorite Thing About Western: Location Location Location! Western is not only a great school; it's located in one of the most beautiful places around.

Years as an RA: 1st

Favorite Thing About Being an RA: The opportunity to get super involved with Western and all of my peers!

About Me: As a transfer to Western, my first year was unbelievable. I had no idea how much such a little school could have to offer--from the adorable curb appeal to the vast passion for the outdoors that is seemingly shared by all! I chose Western as my new home because nowhere else makes you feel at home as quickly and effortlessly as our small community here! Some vague generalities of me: I'm quiet, kindhearted, determines, easily amused, sports fanatic, workaholic, give the shirt off my back kind of gal, homegrown, outdoorsy. Anything and everything that involved "doing" is my passion. I'm here to get out and LIVE. I will try anything at least once, well maybe twice... From backpacking around our beautiful state to spending hours on end completely entrances by all the beauty and opportunity that surrounds me, I couldn't imagine a better place to call home!