Mountaineer Card

Mountaineer Card

The Mountaineer Card is your student ID card at Western State Colorado University

Your Mountaineer Card serves as your official Western identification card and all current students, faculty and staff are required to have the card. Your Mountaineer Card gives you access to:

  • Athletic Events
  • Campus Activities and Events
  • Escalante Fitness Center 
  • Flex Dollars (money that comes with most meal plans and can be used at Mad Jack's and Rare Air Dining Hall only)
  • Mountaineer Cash
  • Leslie J. Savage Library
  • Meal plans at Rare Air Dining Hall (you must have your card to enter the dining hall) 
  • Wilderness Pursuits
  • Colorado Hall 24 hour Computer Lab 

How do I obtain my first Mountaineer Card?

You will receive your first ID card for free from the Mountaineer Card Office in the LEAD Office in the University Center 118.  You must show an alternate ID before receiving your first card.  This card is good for the entire time you are at Western, you will not be re-issued a new card each year.  If you are an employee of Western you will need to obtain an authorization form from the Human Resources department in order to receive your first card, otherwise a card will not be issued.   

Mountaineer Cash

Mountaineer Cash is money that can be put on your card to use at the following locations around campus and in town:

  • Powerstop
  • Pizza Hut
  • Wilderness Pursuits
  • WSC Bookstore
  • Copy Machines in the Library and the University Center
  • Rare Air Dining Hall
  • Laundry Centers in Residence Halls
  • Mad Jacks 
  • Pepsi and Juice Machines on Campus
  • Food Vending Machine in Mears Hall 
  • Ruby Cinema Theater


Mountaineer Cash can be purchased by cash, check, or credit card. You can deposit Mountaineer Cash at the following locations around campus:

  • University Center PHIL Station (cash, credit or debit)
    • Located on the main level next to the Mountaineer Card Office (University Center 106)
  • Library PHIL Station (cash, credit or debit)
    • Located on the main level by the copy machines
  • Taylor Hall PHIL Station (cash, credit or debit)
    • Taylor Hall, 3rd floor next to the Cashier's office; (970) 943-3003


PHIL Stations allow you to deposit money directly onto your Mountaineer Card with cash/credit/debit cards. This is the fastest most effective way to deposit Mountaineer Cash as these funds are available on your card immediately.  If you choose to pay by check you can deposit it at the Cashier's Office or call (970) 943-3003.

Mountaineer Cash rolls over from semester to semester and year to year.  Please Note: Once you have deposited money onto your card you cannot withdraw it!

How can I add Mountaineer Cash to my son or daughter's card from home?

In order to add Mountaineer Cash to your son or daughter's card please call the Cashier's Office at (970) 943-3003.  They can add money to the account and they accept credit cards over the phone.  If you prefer to write a check please include a note that states "I would like to add $(amount) to (student's name or ID number) Mountaineer Cash account."  You can mail the check and note to:

Cashier's Office
Western State Colorado University
600 N. Adams St.
Gunnison, CO 81231

What if I lose my card?

If you lose your card, report it lost as soon as possible to the Mountaineer Card Office 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., M-F, University Center 106, (970) 943-2525.

During non-business hours, you can declare your card lost by calling (970) 943-2525 and leaving a voice mail with your name and telephone number. Lost cards reported during non-business hours will be suspended in the system as soon the Mountaineer Card Office opens on the next day of business.  Replacement cards can be obtained at the Mountaineer Card Office.

Costs for the Mountaineer Card: 1st initial ID-free, replacement of a lost or stolen card is $15.00, replacement of a damaged card $5.00 (bring in the broken card).

If you have lost your card during the weekend and are on a meal plan, you can purchase a temporary card from Rare Air Dining Hall for $5.00 (only good through the weekend). When you find your card or have it replaced you can return the temporary card to Rare Air and they will refund the $5.00.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can also be purchased at the PHIL stations for $1.  You will first purchase a card then add money onto the card, the money that you add to the card is called Mountaineer Cash.  These cards can be used anywhere Mountaineer Cash can be used.  The purpose of these cards is to allow community members to purchase cards to be used throughout the University Center. 

Terms and Conditions, Disclosure Statement

Please read the "Terms and Conditions" and "Disclosure Statement" you agree to these statements when you receive your ID card or gift card.