Residence Life Mission:

The fundamental purpose of  Residence Life at Western State Colorado University is to contribute to student academic and personal success.  We maintain our facilities, budget our resources, administer our communication processes, and deliver a comprehensive residence life program in order to intentionally and significantly promote students’ academic and personal success.  Professional and student staff members are selected and trained, programs are designed and services are offered to encourage individual (and institutional) conditions and group behaviors that promote success and to minimize those that reduce opportunities for success.

  • Facilities will be safe and secure, warm and comfortable, reliable and efficient.  They will provide up-to-date technology, comfortable furnishings and space for community as well as personal time.  Students will indicate that on-campus buildings are more conducive to academic study than off-campus houses and apartments.
  • Resources will be budgeted efficiently and responsibly.  Expenses will be kept low in order to maintain competitively priced housing.  Staff will be positioned and trained to support an academic environment.  Time and energy will be reserved for projects of top priority.
  • Communication will be timely, clear and customer oriented.  Our Web site, marketing brochures, letters to students, and departmental handbooks will emphasize the priority given to student learning.

A living & learning philosophy will provide the foundation for the residence life program.  Students will thrive in our residence hall and apartment communities in which student leaders, educational programs, community standards and judicial protocol, campus resources and student services are integrated to intentionally support their learning and development.