Living/Learning Communities

Living/Learning Communities at Western are designed around areas of academic interest with the exception of two communities.  One of those two communities focuses on students who are yet undecided about their academic major, Exploratory Students.  The other of those two communities focuses on students who are enrolled as Honors Students.  The remaining communities are:

  1. Arts and Humanities
  2. Business Pre-Professionals
  3. Exercise and Sports Science
  4. Future Teachers
  5. Math and Computer Science
  6. Natural and Environmental Sciences
  7. Social Science and Behavioral Sciences

The Living/Learning Community program supports Western State Colorado University’s institutional mission by promoting intellectual maturity and the personal growth of the students who reside in the Living/Learning Communities. This is accomplished through establishing clear expectations regarding what it means to be a Living/Learning Community resident.  These expectations are:

1.      Engagement in the Living/Learning Community
  • Participation in decision making regarding activities of the LLC
  • Participation in the activities of the LLC
  • Respectful behavior towards all LLC residents
  • Adherence to all Residence Hall and University Policies and Regulations
2.      Engagement in Academics
  • Attendance at class
  • Completion of all Academic Obligations
  • Participation in LLC Study Groups
  • Support of all other LLC residents in their Academic Pursuits
3.      Engagement in the Greater Academic Program
  • Participation in Academic Clubs and Organizations
  • Attendance at Academic lectures and other  Academic events
4.      Engagement in the University Experience
  • Participation in Campus Activities
  • Participation in clubs and organizations
  • Attendance at campus events
  • Attendance at athletic events

Living/Learning Community residents are accountable to themselves and their fellow Living/Learning Community Residents with regard to these expectations.  LLC residents who fulfill these expectations can look forward to a first year experience that is both enjoyable and successful.  It will be one that provides them a solid foundation for future success in their Academic Pursuits as well as personal fulfillment in their University Experience.