WMRT Board of Directors

Board of Directors, 2014-2015



Team Leader: Chris "Shooter" Mackie










Anna Boyle

President and Fundraising Coordinator: Anna Boyle

Hometown: Lander, Wyoming
Anna has been on the team for the last 3 years. She originally joined the team to gain practical skills for keeping her friends as well as herself safe in the outdoors. In addition to gaining these skills she has been able to gain personal self confidence, leadership, professional communication skills and long term friendships.  
When she is not saving lives in the backcountry or planing an epic Mountain Rescue fundraising event she is elbow deep in the arts finishing her B.F.A in Painting and B.A in Graphic Design. When not creating a masterpiece you can find her knee deep in powder or at the Gunnison Whitewater Park for an afternoon surf in her kayak.







Vice President: Steven "Beerdsly" Auch

Hometown: Burnsville, MN
A lot of things can be said of this guy, but the beard says it all: he's been around.
When not saving lives, he can't be found...











Secretary: Whitney Zerr

Hometown: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
She has been on the team for four years now and joined because she thought that it looked like something fun to do and she just wanted to help people.
When not saving lives in the backcountry she works as a nanny, cooks lots of food, and goes outside and does anything that sounds like fun while trying to catch as much sunshine as possible.




Treasurer: Erik Niemeyer




Primary Mission Coordinator and Communications Coordinator: Brian Larson












Mission Secretary: Delaney Adrian













Equipment Manager: Erin Kearns
















Field Trainer: Kyle Juszczyk

Hometown: Muscatine, Iowa
2 years he joined so he could run around the woods looking for people and stayed for the awesome group of people who want to do the same.
When not saving lives in the backcountry, he goes up and down mountains in various ways.












Support Trainer: Alek Pouliopoulos










Vehicle Manager: Rod Bergman




Dog Team Coordinator: Ryan Paull













Medical Coordinator: Amy Allbritton













EMS Liaison: Ross Downs