Western will not “excuse” a student from classes.  However, the Office of Student Affairs will send out memos to a student's faculty if they have missed class or plan on missing classes.  Memos will only be sent to faculty if the student can provide documentation of their absence, including the days missed and why.  A memo will not be sent until the office has received verification for the absence.  Memos do not excuse a student from class; they are simply a verification of absence.  Students are advised to personally notify their faculty as soon as possible about any absences in addition to informing the Office of Student Affairs.

PLEASE NOTE: The office of Student Affairs is notified and verifies reason for absence only.  Class attendance requirements are an independent faculty decision.  Please be advised that faculty members make the decision about their class’ attendance requirements, and usually note the requirement on the syllabus at the beginning of each semester.

Please come to Taylor Hall 301 to bring in documentation of absence.  If a doctor would like to fax a note, fax to 970-943-2254.  Make sure that all notes include days missed and why.  Even if a doctor faxes a note, the student still must notify Student Affairs before a memo will be sent out to faculty.

In the interest of not spreading sickness, if you have an illness and are still contagious, please do not bring in verification in person.  Please wait until your illness is no longer contagious or have your doctor fax your verification of absence.

H1N1 Information

Although the pandemic status of the H1N1 flu virus has been lifted, please follow this link if you have any concerns about the virus.

            H1N1 Flu Virus Information

            General Flu Guidelines for Students and Parents