Asian Pacific Islanders Club

Mission Statement


Promote cultures within Asian Pacific Islanders and educate ourselves, our peers and the community in order to obtain unity through diversity, by means of our events and meetings. To create a warm and welcoming environment for all peoples.


  • Work as One
  • Have many successful fundraisers
  • Break down cultural and communication barriers
  • To make ourselves know in the community
  • To attract members and keep them by being innovated and creative

Meeting Time

APIC meets every Thursday at 12:30pm in the Multicultural Center in the College Center (Room 122).

Sushi Night

sushi night fall 2009 (2)

sushi night (3)
Sushi Night fall 2009

Annual Luau Event

The Luau is a night of food and fun. There is a full Pacific Island inspired menu including veges, rice, chicken, and pork. At the 2009-2010 luau there was entertainment provided in the form of hula dancers.The Luau took place on Thursday, April 15th 2009 in the College Center Ballroom.

Luau 1
Luau 2

Important APIC Dates:

Haunted House- TBA

Sushi Nights- Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 from 6-8pm in the College Center South Ballroom.

Annual Luau- Tuesday, April 1st 6pm  in the College Center Ballroom. Cost: $5 for WSC students with student ID and $10 for general admission.

Club Officers:

President: Esmeralda Alejandre
Vice President: Nicole Real
Advisor: Sonia Eslit