Amigos - Latin American Culture Club at Western

Mission Statements

To promote Latin American culture, and to establish positive feelings towards Latin Americans on campus and in the Gunnison community. This shall be accomplished through community service and educational cultural events. Most importantly, to provide an atmosphere where members, regardless of age, ethnicity, and gender, are welcome and encouraged to participate and support the club.

The AMIGOS club does several events throughout the school year. The Amigos work on a Tamale Sale as a fundraiser they also do the Haunted House, Music Bash, Club Maracas, Madden Bowl and of course they have there own DJ equipment. This helps raise funds for Pachanga “the Cinco de Mayo event”, and Carnaval "Mardi Gras Latino Style."

The Amigo’s Club at Western strives to provide and enhance educational experiences and opportunities for all Western State College students.  In addition, the organization strives to provide a forum for Western students, staff, administration, and faculty for support, understanding, interest, and awareness of Hispanic cultural information.  It is our goal for the Amigo’s Club to promote diversity and the encompassing Hispanic Culture, Enhance Awareness, Create opportunities for those with similar cultural interests, to network with each other and across campus, to develop and strengthen their cultural identities, and share their heritage, points of view, and experiences.   It is our mission and intent that the Amigo’s Club will have a positive impact on the Western State Colorado University campus in achieving the aforementioned objectives.

Amigos Event Dates for 2015-2016

Amigos meets every Tuesday at 12:30 pm

Day of the Dead Dance - Wednesday, October 27th from 8-12pm.  Information on Day of the Dead from 8-9pm and dance from 9-12pm.  Free.
Haunted House - Wednesday, October 29th from 7-11pm and Thursday, October 30th from 2-6pm in the Chipeta Basement (Use the east entrance).  $2 for WSCU Students with ID and $5 for general admission.
Movie and a Blanket - TBA
Tamale Sales - TBA 
Carnaval - TBA 
Pachanga - TBA


Carnaval 2015
Carnaval which is marketed as "Mardi Gras Latino Style" is one of the major cultural events sponsored by the Amigos. This celebration has its historical beginnings in the Latin culture. The most common interpretation of Carnaval is that it was introduced to the Brazilians in 1723 by the Portuguese. Carnaval derives from the Latin word meaning "goodbye to flesh", which refers to the forty days of lent. This time is particularly for Christians and Roman Catholics, it is a time where meat is not eaten and it is replaced by fish, eggs and other foods that do not include meat. The traditional colors of Carnaval are Purple, which represents wealth and prestige, Gold, which represents the Earth and all the blessings therein, and finally Green, which represents a new beginning. Bright colors are replaced by dark colored clothing and there can be no partying during the Lenton season, thus the need for a huge celebration prior to Lent. 

Nowadays Carnaval is celebrated by people everywhere to have fun and indulge on all the things they want before Lent. The first recorded Masquerade Carnaval was held in 1840. Carnaval is celebrated for three days in Brazil. The Brazilians select a person to represent King Momus which in the Greek mythology he is the God of mockery and ridicule. After that the celebration begins. 

The masks used for Carnaval served as a disguise for people as protection from evil spirits wandering around. It also serves as a disguise for individuals so that friends and relatives wouldn't recognize them. 

For this event Amigos puts on Carnaval at a Local Bar. During the event they have their own DJ playing and also they raffle off selected items. This year it will be held at The Last Chance. Individual must be 21 years of age to attend unless a active member of Amigos.

Music Bash

This event serves primarily as recruiting for the Amigos. However, it is an evening full of high energy and fun! DJ will play anything upon request. Simply attend to see your peers dance and also maybe yourself.

Haunted House

The Haunted House is a building that is supposedly a center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomena. In the past it has been populated by Ghosts, Vampires, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Man, Mike Myers or even Demons. These presences continue to haunt our offices during Halloween. The Amigos and their fellow clubs APIC, BSA, and NASC put on this event at the Escalante Fitness Center annually.

Tamale Sales

Tamales are a traditional food dish in Mexico. This is Amigos largest fundraiser of the year. They sell over 200 dozen tamales each year to the faculty, staff, students of Western as well as the Gunnison community. They are homemade...YUM, YUM, YUM!!

Club Maracas

Club Maracas is a club night.  Basically, it is a time for students to come and dance in an alcohol-free environment. Refreshments are provided so you can take a quick break from getting Crunk! They have the Amigos DJ play many different genres of music.


Is our Cinco de Mayo which was the Battle of Puebla in Mexico it involved Mexico and France. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated by the Mexican-Americans in the United States as a means to share their culture with others. Most celebrations include Mariachi music, great food, and family and friends

DJ Service

The Amigos Club has a DJ System that is available for hire at a very affordable price. They offer all genres of music and have been hired for a variety of events both on campus and in the Gunnison community.  This is yet another fundraising opportunity for the club and we use the equipment for our personal events.

Prices are:
$100.00 – 1st hour
$100.00 – 2nd hour
$50.00 each additional hour

For more information call (970) 943-2234

Club Officers

President: Jorge Zarate
Vice President: Daisy Rivera-Ramirez
Secretary: Lena Romero
Treasurer: Zach Madsen
Public Relations:
Advisor: Elva Dryer ~ Conference Services