About Us

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The goals of the Western State Colorado University Multicultural Center are to: educate the university and local community about the similarities and differences among people of a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds; assist students in their academic, cultural, and personal development; promote cultural literacy and competency in hopes of building a more inclusive community; and provide cultural opportunities for community members. At the Multicultural Center we celebrate the belief that all people are valuable, have dignity, leadership potential, and can make a difference.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Multicultural Center is to promote cultural awareness/harmony throughout the university campus and the surrounding community.

Values Statement

We value:

  • The dignity and worth of all human beings
  • The enriching factor that multiple cultures contribute to our society
  • Opportunities that bring people of varying backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences together to create greater understanding and more effective learning and work communities
  • The infusion of multicultural perspectives into all elements of the university culture.


  1. To create a campus wide understanding, awareness, and sensitivity to the similarities and differences that are inherent in the diverse population of the campus, region, state and nation.
  2. To stimulate campus wide acceptance and inclusion of persons from diverse backgrounds and perspectives in all major governance, social, and academic activities.
  3. To promote/advocate the identification and recognition of the contributions of different cultures to our society.

The Multicultural Center...........where everybody belongs!

What is Diversity? It's the differences that make each person unique!

Today we are finally realizing that the US is more like a tossed salad than a melting pot -- a variety of flavors, textures, colors and shapes.

Why should you learn about diversity? Because diversity can enrich your life -- and your world. Understanding and appreciating differences can help: INDIVIDUALS: by gaining new insights and outlooks while enjoying new relationships. COMMUNITY: which can tap the varied talents of their members to help meet common goals. GROUPS: of every size -- from classrooms to corporations. When uniqueness is respected, morale and productivity improve. Businesses that appreciate diversity have the leading edge in today's global marketplace.

Prejudice and stereotypes hurt everyone, HOW?

  • Keep us from knowing individuals
  • Cut us off from new ideas
  • Limit a person's opportunities
  • Make a person feel rejected or resentful. He or she may even come to believe the stereotype!

Avoid forming prejudices and stereotypes: Take the time to know others as individuals.

Sally J.J. Romero
Director of Multicultural Affairs
Phone: (970) 943-2150
Email: sromero@western.edu