Don't Cancel That Class

Western Faculty Member!

Attending a conference? Family Obligation?  Having a medical issue?


There's no need to cancel your class! Western’s Prevention Education program, by way of the "Don't Cancel That Class"  can help! Let us take over your class for a day and work with your students to discuss any number of varied prevention education or health and wellness topics. We can create custom presentations or you can choose from a number of existing stock presentations.  Perhaps you don't need a class covered but you're looking for a guest lecturer, Western's Prevention Education program would love to be a part of your classroom!

Presentations are typically 50 - 90 minutes in length, depending on the presentation and your class's schedule. Common program offerings include:

Suicide Prevention Training (Question, Persuade, Refer)

Sources of Strength

Alcohol 101 

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT):

Stress and Coping

Understanding Addictive Behavior

Welcome to the Party

What is Wellness?

Understanding Mental Health


If you would like to request a "Don't Cancel that Class" program for your course, please fill out the web form below and you will be contacted shortly by a Prevention Education representative.