LEAD: Leadership, Engagement and Development

The LEAD Office’s purpose is to create and provide leadership development opportunities and actively engage our students into the Western State Colorado University and local community. Our office provides students with opportunities for direct participation in activities involving their academic, emotional, physical, spiritual or career-related development.

Western Has Involvement Opportunities For You...

Leadership and service opportunities at Western encourage the development of student leadership potential and help provide future leadership for Western State Colorado University and the Gunnison community. Our objectives include:

  • To help connect Western students with their campus and community, based on YOUR interests.
  • To gain knowledge of self as a person and as a leader.
  • To identify and discuss opportunities for leadership at Western State Colorado University, and to utilize college resources as a "learning laboratory" for leadership development.
  • To better understand leadership communication.
  • To better understand the process of change and goal attainment.
  • To explore how diversity offers opportunities and challenges for leaders of the future.
  • To help serve the campus and local community

Prevention Education

  • Sexual Misconduct Prevention Education: The LEAD Office’s sexual misconduct prevention, education and response program provides leadership and guidance on these issues for the campus community with the objective of integrating awareness, understanding, and prevention/risk reduction behavior into the daily lives of Western students. This program also empowers student leaders to become peer educators, increase peer to peer discussion regarding sexual misconduct, dispel inaccurate information and myths, and encourage the setting of boundaries that will foster a healthy campus environment and teach students how to develop healthy relationship now and into their future. The LEAD office also houses Western’s Title IX Coordinator, this professional serves as the first point of contact for students should they experience sexual misconduct during their time at Western. Our sexual misconduct program also works closely with the Western student health and counseling centers, Gunnison County Public Health, BeforePlay.org, PACT5, and Western’s Sexual Assault Prevention Advocates to provide resources and information around sexual health and wellbeing.

In 2013, LEAD is pleased to announce that it was awarded grant funding from the Community Foundation of Gunnison Valley to support our work on sexual misconduct prevention education. The Community Foundation of Gunnison Valley's website is: http://cfgv.org/

  • Suicide Prevention Education: The LEAD Office’s suicide prevention and education program is dedicated to providing Western’s students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community with the skills necessary to recognize suicidal warning signs, and seek appropriate intervention. Housed within our office is a Certified QPR Gatekeeper Instructor who not only provides support to at-risk individuals, but also educates campus and the surrounding community about the importance of early intervention, the power of questioning, persuading, and referring (QPR), and the invaluable role we can all play in the lives of others.
  • Western’s Responsible Alcohol Partnership (WRAP): WRAP exists to help students have a safe and healthy experience while attending Western State Colorado University. To accomplish this goal, WRAP provides students with opportunities to engage in fun activities (many of which incorporate a variety of methods of stress reduction) and to educate students about responsible alcohol & drug consumption. One unique aspect of the approach is that WRAP tries to help and support students who violate campus drug and alcohol policies, rather than simply punish. WRAP wants to ensure that alcohol is used legally, responsibly, and with respect to the health of themselves, fellow students and the community. WRAP collaborates with campus groups to provide drug and alcohol education to the entire campus community, partners with GCSAPP and the BACCHUS Network to provide drug prevention and wellness education for Western students. Some of WRAP’s activities include: late-night movies, Breakfast for a $1, dances, yoga, acupuncture, a Radical Relaxation Lounge, and many other events.


Attention Teachers!! Are you going out of town during the week, come down with a sudden illness that will keep you away from the classroom and you HAVE to cancel a class or two?? DON'T CANCEL THAT CLASS!!!

There's no need to cancel your class. Western's Responsible Alcohol Partnership (WRAP) and the CLUE Club, by the way of the Don't Cancel That Class program can help by coming to your class and making a presentation on a number of topics that are relevant to college students. We are also willing to make these presentations to your class if you are going to present. Even if you don't need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year!

Common Program Offerings include:

  • Suicide Prevention Training (Question, Persuade, Refer)
  • Step up! Intervention Training
  • Alcohol and Academics
  • Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
  • Choices Class
  • Helping Students in Emotional Distress
  • Are you Stressed Out?
  • How to Help a Sexual Assault Survivor

For a complete description of each program offered, click here.


The LEAD Office also maintains support for annual programs such as New Student Orientation, Senior Reception, Family Weekend, Week of Welcome and Community Clean-up, as well as promoting other service learning opportunities.