History of Western's Mountain Rescue Team

The Western State Colorado University Mountain Rescue Team (known until 2012 as the Western State College Mountain Rescue Team) was founded in 1973 by the men and women of Western State College and has since participated in countless search and rescue missions both in and out of Gunnison county.

In 1987, the WSCU Mountain Rescue Team became the first collegiate-based mountain rescue team certified by the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) and remains certified to this day. The WSCU Mountain Rescue Team is also a member of the Colorado Search and Rescue Board.

Ninety percent of the team members are students or alum of WSCU while the rest are members of the Gunnison community. These team members sacrifice much of their time for training and rescue missions, which can be potentially hazardous but very rewarding.

The thousands of volunteer hours the team provides result in a high quality and much needed service which is provided without cost to the victim, victims family, or to the taxpayer, and is usually accomplished without fanfare or public recognition.

The WSCU Mountain Rescue team exceeds the requirements as a FEMA type I mountain rescue team.

Efforts are put forth by the members of the WSCU Mountain Rescue Team to maintain a "fully qualified and rescue ready MRA team."