NSE Checklist

Meet with your Academic Advisor

  • When is the best time for you to participate in NSE?
  • What courses have you taken to fulfill your major/minor requirements and what courses do you still need to take?

Apply to your program of choice

  • Visit the NSE Coordinator to pick up an application.  Review application and make sure all materials are submitted by deadline. Including the $250 application fee.
  • Make copies of all paperwork before you send anything.
  • Visit the Writing Center to give you suggestions on application essays.
  • Ask your Professors for letters of recommendation.
  • Go to Career Services for assistance with your résumé.

Transfer of Credit

  • Meet with your Advisor again and decide what courses you will take.
  • Complete the Transfer Pre-Approval Request form and turn in to the Office of the Registrar.
  • Is the school you are going to on the quarter system? If so keep in mind 1 quarter = 0.67 semester credits.
  • All credit taken will transfer back if you have filled out your Transfer Pre-Approval Request form before you leave Western on exchange.


  • Meet with Financial Aid after you have been accepted to discuss aid, loans, scholarships that will help finance your NSE term(s).
  • PLAN B = Pay Western (out-of-state students must pay on Plan B).
  • PLAN A = Pay host university.
  • Tuition and fees will be paid to Western if you are paying on Plan B.
  • All room, board, books, other fees will be paid to the host university.
  • If on Plan B your bill must be paid by the 3rd day of the start of each semester in order to avoid late fees.
  • Plan B must pay in full you can not use W-pay!
  • If you are on Plan B and are getting work study, your work study funds will NOT apply to the school you are going. Your financial aid package will reflect the loss of these funds.  If you are on Plan A you must apply for financial aid from your host university.

Important Information

  • Contact your NSE Advisor with any questions or changes! If you cancel or change anything regarding your exchange please let the NSE advisor know.


  • Once you have registered for courses at your host university send a copy of your course schedule to the Office of the Registrar and your NSE advisor. You will retain access to MyWestern, your Western e-mail, and will make registering for classes upon your return easier.

Western Contacts

Financial Aid

Taylor Hall L2


National Student Exchange Contact

Katie Wheaton

Taylor Hall 302D


Office of the Registrar

Carrie Reinecke

Taylor Hall 300

(970) 943-2048