Jenny Hill

Name:  Jenny Hill

Jenny Jump

NSE Location: Stony Brook University, New York

City, State:  Dripping Springs, Texas

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology, Spanish minor

Favorite thing about being on exchange:  I loved going on exchange because of all of unfamiliarity! It can be shocking, it can be overwhelming, but life is about change and about experiences and going to New York gave me nothing but that! The east coast was a land of activity and there is so much to do and so much to see that it will blow your mind! I love meeting new people, especially people with different backgrounds--you can learn so much in your travels!

Jenny LOVE

Why other students should go on exchange: Everyone should go on exchange to experience a different world. Everyone should step out of their comfort zone at some point in their lives because you never know what you love until you experience variety! Seriously--travel and unfamiliar places and faces will change your life---DO IT!!! ITS AWESOME!