Incoming NSE Students

Check out Madeline Grunklee!  She is an incoming NSE student from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, studying Wildlife Biology and Environment and Sustainability at Western State Colorado University.  Her video describes her experience collecting field research, completing an internship and going on many new adventures.

When do I find out if I get in?

Students who will be coming to Western State Colorado University (Western) on a NSE exchange will be notified of their acceptance by their home NSE coordinator after the annual March conference.  If you are applying after the March conference Western still accepts students to come on Plan A with limited availability on Plan B.

What do I do once I am accepted through NSE to Western?

Once you are accepted you should be contacted by your home NSE Coordinator.  You will need to complete the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) and Conditions of Placement Form to accept the terms and conditions of your exchange and submit it to your home NSE Coordinator.  Your home coordinator will send those forms to Western's NSE Coordinator, Katie Wheaton.  Once Western receives your forms we will process you as an incoming NSE student.  You then will be receiving an e-mail from Western's NSE Coordinator.  This e-mail will detail everything you need to be doing in preparation to coming to Western for the Fall and/or Spring semesters.  All incoming NSE students are required to pay a $100 processing fee.  Call the NSE Coordinator to pay this fee.

Once you've been accepted to participate in NSE through Western you will receive information about how to register for classes.  Registration will begin in April for the Fall semester and in November for the Spring semester.  You must send an official transcript from your home institution to:  

Western State Colorado University

NSE Coordinator, Katie Wheaton

600 N. Adams St.  - Taylor Hall 302 D

Gunnison, CO 81231

You can begin looking through course schedules as soon as they come online.  Call 970-943-7056 to schedule a phone registration appointment with Katie Wheaton.  As an incoming NSE student, you are responsible for speaking with your home academic advisor to select classes and determine how credits earned will transfer back to your home institution.  You must meet all of Western's prerequisites to take courses.  Once you are registered for classes, you will be required to register and pay for orientation.

What are my housing options?

All incoming NSE students must live on campus. The Residence Life Office has many options available on their website.

Does Western have an RA exchange program?

Yes, incoming NSE students may apply to be an RA.  RA's must exchange for a full year and will only be accepted on Plan A.

Can I participate in an internship at Western as an incoming student?

Western will not facilitate internships for college credit for non-Western students.  The home institution's advisor must create the learning objectives, outcomes and requirements for credit and approval the transferring of credit.  Tuition for credited internships must be paid for to the home institution regardless of the Plan A or B exchange and these credits will not count towards the 12 required credits for fulltime enrollment.

How do I get to Gunnison?

There are several airports that you can fly into:

Bus transportation from Denver to Gunnison via Blackhills Stage Line

Local free bus transportation throughout Gunnison and Crested Butte via RTA

​*Western doesn't provide reception or departure transportation for NSE students.