Health Insurance

All international students are highly encouraged to have health insurance.  If you can show proof of enrollment in an accident/sickness insurance plan from your home country that will be accepted in the United States then you do not have to purchase another plan. There are several insurance companies offering international student insurance, such as HTH WorldwideInternational Student Insurance or Shondeck Insurance . These health insurance providers can offer coverage for prescriptions, doctor’s visits (related to injury or sickness), and other inpatient and outpatient care. The Campus Health Center can provide most of your common medical services.

Without medical coverage an unexpected illness could mean financial hardship for you and your family, and could make it financially difficult to continue your education.  If you are an intercollegiate athlete, you are required to follow the health insurance requirements provided by the Athletic Department at Western State Colorado University. Please note if you are an intercollegiate athlete you should contact Don Mundell in order to best figure out which health insurance plan you should purchase.  The health insurance provisions and benefits are subject to change.