SLIDE SHOW: New Field House and Recreation Center

The amazing new Mountaineer Field House is now open!  Some of the features include:

  • A 65,000 square-foot Field House (with trusses as wide as the wingspan of a Boeing 777).
  • A high-tech surface, indoor NCAA track (the highest in America)
  • Three basketball courts.
  • Three group fitness rooms.
  • Three multi-purpose courts.
  • Three volleyball courts.
  • A 43.5-foot climbing wall with 3,114 square feet of climbing space (designed by Entre Prises).
  • A 6,038-square-foot Athletic Weight Room.
  • A 5,844-square-foot Fitness Center.
  • An in-ground trampoline and foam pit (for freeski training, play and more!).
  • A batting- and golf-practice cage.
  • A hot tub and pool locker room renovation (already open!).
  • A new High-Altitude Performance Lab and Wellness Center with classroom.

Photographs by Greg Smith, Western Marketing and Media Relations