MFH Fitness Center

The Fitness Center

When you come to the Fitness Center, it will feel like you’re at a big, private gym. The Fitness Center will challenge you to feel fit, younger and healthier.


During the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, Fitness Center programming will include the following group fitness classes:

ClassesShort Description
RIPHead-to-toe, strength-endurance class using barbells and plates.
REVOLUTIONIndoor-cycling class.
POWER STEPCardio-step class.
WARTotal-body kickboxing/martial arts class.
BOOTBoot camp-style class.

This class will work your entire core, add a little cardio to torch some calories, and end with some balance exercises.

Summer 2014 Group Fitness Class Schedule

New Fitness Orientation sessions are available to introduce anyone new to all our fitness equipment. These are FREE of charge. Call 970.943.3363 to set up an appointment.

There is no excuse not to be fit and healthy while you are at Western! Come join the fun today!

Summer 2014 Hours of Operation (May 12 through Aug. 24)

Monday through Friday: 11 am to 7pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Holidays: MFH will be closed on Mon. Sept. 1.


Summer Membership Price List (June 24 - Aug. 24)