Cheerleading Team

The Western State Colorado University Cheerleading Program is committed to providing a dynamic and positive environment for young women and men to pursue all aspects of excellence. This includes character, self discipline, commitment and leadership. We believe in education through sport, practicality, and promoting community and pride in Western.

Cheerleading Tryouts:

Missed Tryouts? That's okay! Contact Coach Amy Magnus for more information.

Tryout Packet: 

The cheerleading team will participate in a variety of activities such as community service and fundraisers. Cheerleaders are responsible for cheering at the home football and basketball games, competitions, practices - which are held at least three times a week, and organized morning workouts. As a cheerleader for Western State Colorado University, one must be dedicated and determined and be prepared to work to their full potential at ALL times.

Skill requirements necessary to be considered a Western Cheerleader:


Standing Back Handspring

Round-Off Back Handspring


Toe touch


Front, Right and Left hurdler

Jump Sequences


Fliers: Toss to hands (coed), Lib, Heel Stretch, Arabesque, Scale, Full Down, Toe Touch Basket Toss

Bases/Back spots: Ability to correctly base or back spot all stunts listed above

Not fulfilling all the above requirements does not mean you cannot make the team, please contact the Coach for additional information. 


Contact Information: 

Head Cheerleading Coach Amy Magnus or 404.886.4408

Student Leader/Team President Dannette Vensel or 970.712.7383

Club Sports Director Ryan White or 970.943.2208