Immunization Requirements

Colorado law and State Health Department regulations require all students enrolled in colleges and universities to submit proof of immunization*. Students must submit the completed CERTIFICATE OF IMMUNIZATION or STATEMENT OF EXEMPTION form to Student Affairs before registration.

A college student is defined by the State Board of health as any student who is enrolled for one or more classes at a college or university and who is physically present at the institution. Students who are auditing classes are included, but students who are taking only correspondence or off-campus classes are not included.

If your proof of immunity is incomplete, contact the Student Health Center located on the first floor of Tomichi Hall to obtain the necessary immunizations.


Western State College requires you to have 2 MMR shots(measles, mumps, rubella) and strongly recommends all students to get a menmingitis vaccination, please contact Student Affairs at 970-943-2011 to get a waiver form. You may call the Student Health Center at 970-943-2707 if you have questions regarding this vaccination.

HPV VACCINE (GARDASIL) is now available at the Health Center, call 970-943-2707 for pricing and further information.

*Beginning July 1, 1992, college students who were born since January 1, 1957, must have had two measles, two mumps, and two rubella doses (MMR). The first administered no earlier than 4 days before their first birthday, and the second at least thirty days after the first dose.