Disability Services Request for Services

Welcome! We are excited to welcome you to Western as a Mountaineer!

Please use this form to request the academic accommodations you may need at Western State Colorado University.


Please note: Your Western email address is the official form of communication from Western. Please include it and check it on a regular basis.
If you are coming to Western from high school, you may start with the accommodations you received in high school. It's OK if you are unsure as to what you might need in college. Academic accommodations will be finalized at the completion of an intake meeting with Disability Services staff.
Students who plan to use academic accommodations while at Western must provide current documentation of disability from a qualified professional. The documentation must verify the disability and the need for accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services. Specific documentation guidelines are available from the Prospective Student tab on the Disability Services website. Students should keep a copy of their documentation and originals should not be sent to Western. Disability Services holds this information for seven years after the student leaves the university, at which time it is destroyed. Please indicate below if documentation has already been sent or will be sent to Disability Services. Documentation can be sent by mail, email, or faxed. Disability Services| Academic Resource Center | 600 N Adams Street | Gunnison, CO | 81231 arc@western.edu | Fax: 970-943-3409
In order to finalize academic accommodations, students need to complete an intake meeting with a Disability Services staff member. Please type your name below as an electronic signature stating your understanding of this process and the acknowledgement that academic accommodations will not be in place until the intake meeting has been completed.
You are welcome to contact Disability Services at any time with questions or concerns you would like to discuss. If you have any additional information you would like to include with this request, please include it below.