Career Services

Career Services helps Western students and alumni create and critique career-related documents: résumés, cover letters, and personal statements. Additionally, we guide students as they develop, evaluate, and implement career plans including gaining experiential learning: internships, volunteer experiences, and jobs. We can help you polish your interviewing skills and career-search techniques. Be sure to check the campus calendar for career-related events sponsored by Career Services.

Logann Peterson

 "I accepted a full-time position within the marketing and communications disciplines after completing an internship with the same  organization.  I am so thankful for all the help Career Services was with  getting me my internship.   If I wouldn’t have used their guidance  with the resume process, I don’t think I would have landed the internship nor would I be where I am today!"  -Logann Peterson (2013)


Careers for Mountaineers
Dewey Color System
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is a JOB/INTERNSHIP POSTING SERVICE and online career-management system that connects Western students and alumni with employers. This career network offers an efficient and easy way to access professional jobs and internships.

The Dewey Color System assessments provide 2 different career selection tests.  Each assessment only takes a couple of minutes and is based on color selections as opposed to a traditional question approach.  The reports you receive will provide you with an extensive list of professions that might work well with your personality type.

is a web-based, personalized career- and education-planning system. After assessing your personal attributes, the system searches its career and occupational information database to identify and analyze occupations and career paths that match your personal characteristics.

is a free online CAREER RESOURCE SITE, where you have access to over 90 e-books covering workplace topics, over 4,000 company profiles and ratings, and over 3,500 career advice articles.