Academic Probation

The Turning Point program is designed for and required of students on academic probation. In order to determine the cause of your probation and to plan for academic success, you will need to take action during the very first part of the semester. The three steps of the program (listed below) are due by the 10th day of classes (Friday, September 2, 2016).

Turning Point Overview

The Turning Point program involves the following (completed by the 10th day of classes or a registration hold will be placed on your account):

  1. Viewing a Ted Talk: The power of believing that you can improve
    • This Ted Talk by psychologist Carol Dweck, reviews the growth mindset.
  2. Completing a Self-Assessment
    • The Self-Assessment is an assessment of what happened leading up to your probationary status and what needs to change this semester.
    • The Self-Assessment will be available in your MyWestern account in your checklist.
  3. Meeting with your academic advisor
    • The goal of this meeting is to create a strong connection to your advisor and to review your self-assessment and plan of action for the semester.
    • Students need to contact their advisor to schedule the meeting once the Self-Assessment is complete.
  4. We highly encourage you to make an appointment with Scott Cantril, Academic Success Advisor in the ARC, to provide holistic advising on your overall academic situation and assistance to get you back into good academic standing. He can be reached at 970-943-2113.

The Academic Resource Center wants to see you succeed, and the following resources may also be of benefit to you.

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General Resources

  • How to is a great way to access a variety of studying and learning related pages from a variety of colleges and other educational organizations.