Sponsored Programs, 2011-12 Funding Resources for Western Community

2011-12 Funding Resources for Western Community

Professional Activity Fund (PAF)

Western’s PAF is available to assist faculty as they conduct professional activities and includes, but is not limited to:  engagement with the novel; research; publishing; professional presentations; artistic endeavors; attending professional conferences; grant writing; representing faculty at regional, state, national organizations; and official capacities within professional associations.  Professional activity should be directed toward improving classroom teaching, involving students in research and scholarly activity, or enhancing the reputation of the College.  Emphasis should be on activities that keep teaching current and valid.  


Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)

CTE funds can supplement faculty development in conjunction with a PAF award.  


Arts Enhancement Fund

The purpose of this fund is to enrich the artistic activities of our students, to provide improved cultural opportunities to the community, and to raise the college’s visibility in the arts.  The chairs of Art, Communications Arts, Languages and Literacy, and Music serve as an advisory group who will make recommendations to the administration on the use of this fund.  $20,000 is available in the 11-12 academic year.   Contact the department chairs for additional information.

Student Government Association Funding (SGA)

SGA has funding that is set-aside called “Bill Money”.  It is an arbitrary amount, everything left after their expenses.  The amount for the 11-12 academic year is $159,250: $7000 of which is earmarked for Safe Ride, leaving $12,250 for other Bills.  Contact a student senator for established protocol. 


Council for Creative Expressions (CCE) is a subcommittee under SGA 

 Council for Creative expressions (CCE) funds are automatically earmarked for specific functions like Top of the World and Peak Productions.  Remaining funds are made available upon request and approval.  $123,036.00 has been allocated for 11-12 academic school year.  

Program Council is a sub-committee under SGA

The budget for this 11-12 academic year is $86,479.  This money is used to bring various forms of entertainment and speakers onto campus.

Interclub Council (ICC)

ICC uses their allocation to meet the needs of the 40+ official clubs on campus.  Be creative and partner with a club to make a request.  $29,975 is allocated for this 11-12 academic year.  They often have funding left near the end of the academic year so keep them in mind. 

Convocation Funds

The 11-12 academic year has $2,894 in the budget.  The availability of these funds is announced via a “Western info” email in the fall of each year.