Effort Reporting

Effort Reporting

The National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and occasionally other federal sponsors of grants, contracts and subcontracts require “Time and Effort” reporting to document that salaries charged to grant accounts accurately represent the amount of effort committed to the project.  Sponsors seek this degree of accountability to ensure they only support costs incurred that are essential to the project/program effort as outlined in the award contract.  The University will strive to remain in compliance with all codes of the Federal Regulations for Federal Awards.  This is no way supersedes the policies or terms of employment detailed in the Handbook for Professional Personnel.  

Effort is defined as the portion of time spent on contracted, professional activities (research, teaching, administrative services, committee work, professional development, student advising, and other forms of service to the department, university or the community. All full- and part-time faculty and staff members who are in any way associated with sponsored projects, programs, services, contracts, or subcontracts may be asked to complete time and effort reporting while the grant award they are participating in is active.

Effort does not include activities that are conducted outside the terms of employment at Western State Colorado University.

When required per the award contracts, Western personnel charging time in any amount to a grant or contract that requires effort reporting, will complete a Time and Effort Report once a month which accounts for 100% distribution of effort expended during the reporting period.  Effort reports are due to Accounting in Finance and Administration by the 15th of every month following a month of work funded in any part by a grant or contract.  

Time and Effort Reporting Guidelines