Pre-Award Approval Information

All grant applications submitted to any funding source must be pre-approved by the administration. To expedite this process, please complete the Pre-Award Approval Application and submit to the Office of Sponsored Programs a minimum of one week prior to the deadline date for submission of the application. The Pre-Award Approval Application requires the signature of the Applicant, the chair or supervisor of the applicant, and the Vice President of the Department in which the applicant works. All academic applications are signed by the VPAA. A copy of the summary and/or proposal, including the budget and budget justification must be included in the Pre-Approval Application paperwork for review by the VPAA.

The Office of Sponsored Programs will work with the applicant to obtain the signature of the appropriate Vice President after a review of the application and budget associated with the application.

Please review the section on Grant Incentive Award to determine if you are eligible for a Grant Incentive Award. If so, please complete the paperwork and submit at the same time as the Pre-Award Approval Application.

Pre-Award Tracking Form