Secure Electronic Resource Room

You are about to enter a secure area.

Some operating system/browser combinations may experience difficulty with the authentication process.  If you do not go to the room or are not presented with a login prompt when you click the link below, please follow the steps listed in the Troubleshooting section. If you still experience difficulty, please contact Jerri Puralewski at 970-943-3123 or .


Enter the secure Electronic Resource Room


Troubleshooting Steps

Option 1) Try an alternate browser, Firefox or Chrome.

Option 2) If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) do the following four steps:

Step 1) Select Tools from your toolbar and select Internet Options:

Step 2) Select Advanced Tab:

Step 3) Scroll to the Security Section uncheck Enable Integrated  Windows Authentication and click Ok.

Step 4) You will then have to restart close all IE windows and restart IE.