PALs (Peer Academic Leaders)

The Peer Academic Leaders (PAL's), are upper-class students who work in the Exploratory Center. This is part of the Academic Resource Center and the PAL's host workshops, events, and other academic activities for students. Meet our 2016-2017 PALs below!

Robert J. Wagner , Senior PAL Coordinator

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Major: Politics & Government with an emphasis in Pre-law

Minor:  Economics

Interests: Boxing, Rugby, Investing, and Success

Why do you like Western State? : Its small size allows for me to focus on achieving what is most important to myself.

How do you want to be remembered? : I want to be remembered as being a leader. 

Post-Graduation Goal: Attend Law School 

*Command *Competition *Strategic *Learner *Ideation

Brian Cole, Study Abroad Advisor & Ambassador 

Hometown: Hometown: Centennial, CO​

Major: Communication Arts

Minor: Business Administration ​

Interests: Skiing, Climbing, Biking, Theatre, Improv, film making, human beings

Why do you like Western State? : Its size makes it easy to find a community that you want to be a part of

How do you want to be remembered? : As someone with strong moral conviction and a relentless obsession for Michael Cera

Post-Graduation Goal: Hopeful Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile operator​

Talitha Beattie, National Student Exchange Advisor & Campus Communications 

Hometown: DesMoines, Iowa​

Major: Exercise, Sports Science

Minor: Recreation and Outdoor Education​

Interests: I play on the Western Women's Rugby team. I love to go on day hikes in the summer and ski in the winter but at the end of the day you can't beat a cup of tea and a good book.​

Why do you like Western State? : I like the close knit, supportive community here at Western and how easy it is to get involved.​

How do you want to be remembered? : I want to be remembered as a person who never gave up an opportunity. Bettering myself and empowering others around me are passions I hope to never give up. ​

Post-Graduation Goal: I plan to go to Grad School. I will either continue my Health Fitness studies or pursue a professional position in Student Affairs. ​

Dawid Konieczek​, International Student Mentor & Social Media Marketer 

Hometown: Strzyzewo, Poland​

Major:  Management & Marketing, Computer Science 

Interests:  Event Management, Marketing, Programming, Technology,  Beautiful girls ​

Why do you like Western State? : The best school in the nation! The highest collegiate indoor track in the world! The most positive people on the planet! ​

How do you want to be remembered? : Creating remarkable events that everyone will be thankful for.  Help others and be their motivator! ​

Post-Graduation Goal: Finding a job that I love and sharing my life with a wonderful women! ​\

Ice Skating 2017 

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