Provides students the opportunity to practice strategies for developing writing projects on unfamiliar topics in unfamiliar formats to become more effective and efficient writers. Writers learn to practice strategies for making writing more comprehensible for readers and to use a wide range of writing processes for getting started, developing, organizing, and polishing writing projects. Prerequisites (one of the following): ENG 099; ACT English score of 18 or higher to demonstrate writing proficiency and ACT Reading score of 17 or higher to demonstrate reading proficiency; SAT Critical Reading score of 440 or higher to demonstrate writing proficiency and SAT Critical Reading score of 430 or above to demonstrate reading proficiency; Accuplacer Sentence Skills test score of 95 or higher and Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test score of 80 or higher; or combination of ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer scores to fulfill both reading and writing proficiencies; or co-requisite ENG 100 (SAI).

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