More about Procurement & Contracts at Western

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Purpose of Procurement and Contracts web pages

  • Provide information about making purchases and entering into contracts at Western State Colorado University
  • Provide easy access to current process and procedure documentation and resources related to authorizing, initiating and executing University purchases and contracts
  • Clarify the roles of Procurement
  • Clarify the roles of Contracts and Contract Administrators

How to do business with Western State Colorado University

Questions, comments and suggestions from requestors and vendors are always welcomed and encouraged. Contact Sherry Ford.


Western State Colorado University Procurement and Contracts is a service arm of the University and exists to ensure that the purchase of goods and services for the University is economical, timely, and fair to vendors. We strive to accommodate and expedite the purchase needs of the University and to provide excellent customer service and assistance to University requestors and vendors. We comply with applicable State laws and rules and the University's procurement policies, procedures and rules to ensure a procurement process which is economical with quality and integrity that provides broad based competition with fair and equal treatment to the business community.

Come to Western State Colorado University Procurement for

  • Purchasing Orientation for New Employees
  • Overall Requestor Support
  • Procurement Card (PCard)
  • Requisition & Purchase Order Processing
    • Receiving Process
    • Change Orders to Purchase Orders
    • Close/Reopen Purchase Orders
  • Banner Procurement Training & Support
  • State Price Agreements
  • Use of Cooperative Agreements
  • Bid Specification, Processing & Evaluation
  • Request For Proposals
  • Sole Source Justification
  • Emergency Purchase
  • Coordination of purchases including:
  • Furniture
  • Copier Rental
  • Standing and Blanket Orders

Come to Western State Colorado University Contract Administrator for

  • Review of any agreement presented by a vendor for a University signature
  • Contract creation, processing and execution
  • Contract negotiation
  • Contract legal review by Assistant Attorney General
  • Contract amendment, renewal, and annual review
  • Contract management support
  • Contract terms and conditions understanding and clarification
  • Contract dispute resolution assistance
  • Contract termination