Behavioral & Social Sciences Department

Studies in Behavioral & Social Sciences examine and quantify the essence of what it is to be human and how we organize our lives, alone, together and with our environments.

The various disciplines of Behavioral & Social Sciences look at human behavior and the contexts – environmental, social and historical – in which they occur.

At Western, many students pair majors in Behavioral & Social Sciences with minors in other disciplines, such as Education, Business, and Environment & Sustainability – or they pair majors in these programs with minors in the Behavioral & Social Sciences.

Programs in Behavioral & Social Sciences include:



Lecturer in Sociology and Politics and Government
B.A., Dartmouth College, Philosophy , Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, Philosophy of Education
Phone: (970) 943-2582
Office Location: Kelley 208
Lecturer of Sociology
B.A., University of Montana, Sociology and Native American Studies, M.A. Colorado State University, Sociology, ABD Colorado State University, Sociology
Phone: 970.943.7126
Office Location: Kelley Hall 223
Assistant Professor of Politics and Government
B.A., James Madison University, M.A., University Colorado at Boulder , Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder
Phone: (970) 943-3025
Office Location: Kelley 205
Lecturer in Geography
Office Location: KEL 211
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.S., Lafayette College; M.A., Ph.D., American University.
Phone: (970) 943-3022
Office Location: Kelley Hall 212
Lecturer in Psychology
B.A., Western State Colorado University; M.A., Colorado School of Professional Psychology.
Phone: (970) 943-3018
Office Location: Kelley Hall 210
Professor of Psychology
B.A., Kalamazoo College; M.A., Ph.D., Ohio State University.
Phone: (970) 943-2645
Office Location: Kelley Hall 209
Professor Sociology, Behavioral & Social Science
BA Augsburg College, MA, PhD University of Arizona
Phone: 970.943.3007
Office Location: Kelly 221
Professor of Geography
B.A., Trinity Western University;, M.A., Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin.
Phone: (970) 943-2800
Office Location: Kelley Hall 220
Assistant Professor of Psychology
B.S., Texas State University; M.S. & PhD, Colorado State University
Phone: (970) 943-2317
Office Location: Kelley Hall 224
Chair, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Professor of Sociology
B.A., M.A., Louisiana State University; Ph.D., Colorado State University.
Phone: (970) 943-2070
Office Location: Kelley 218
Associate Professor of Sociology
B.A., Western Washington University, Sociology, M.A., State University of New York at Albany, Women’s Studies, Ph.D., State University of New York at Albany, Sociology
Phone: (970) 943-2055
Office Location: Kelly Hall 220
Professor of History
B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Idaho.
Phone: (970) 943-2161
Office Location: Kelley Hall 206
Lecturer in Psychology
Phone: (970) 943-7011
Office Location: Kelley Hall 207
Lecturer in Psychology and Sociology
B.A., University of Northern Colorado, Chemistry, Ph.D., University of Denver, Curriculum and Instruction, M.S. Colorado School of Mines, Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering
Phone: (970) 943-2098
Office Location: Kelley 203
Lecturer in Geography
Phone: 970.943.3021
Office Location: Kelly Hall 208
Professor of History
B.A., University of Northern Colorado; M.A., Ph.D., University of Colorado.
Phone: (970) 943-2076
Office Location: Kelley Hall 224
Associate Professor of Politics and Government
B.A., Louisiana State University, M.A., Arizona State University, Ph.D., Lancaster University
Phone: (970) 943-3024
Office Location: Kelley Hall 204
Professor of History
B.A., University of Saskatchewan; M.A., Flinders University of South Australia; Ph.D., Tulane University.
Phone: (970) 943-7128
Office Location: Kelley Hall 225
Professor of History
B.S., Northern Michigan University; M.A., Ed.D., Oklahoma State University.
Phone: (970) 943-2068
Office Location: Kelley Hall 227
Lecturer of Sociology
B.A., Adams State University, Sociology/Psychology with emphases in Criminology and Social Welfare, M.S. Mankato State University at Mankato, Sociology and Higher Education, ABD. Kansas State University, Criminology and Gender
Phone: 970.943.2059
Office Location: Kelley Hall 213