Testimonials regarding Writing the Rockies



"It was a very exciting experience. I enjoyed hearing the personal viewpoints of different authors and gleaned some gold nuggets from each and every one of them. The variety of presenters made it a worthwhile workshop for anyone."
Susan E. Jones, Ferron, Utah

"I still reflect on the Gunnison experience on a daily basis. Thank you for the wonderful experience. I'm inspired to write."
Rudy Melena, Centennial, CO

"I cannot thank you and the staff of the Writing the Rockies 2006 project enough. The openness, generosity, kindness and intellectual and creative support was, at least for me, unexpected in an academic environment. This was my first writing conference and my only regret is that I have not attended the WTR sessions from their inception."
James Region Jarrett, Quenado, New Mexico

"Let me thank you for a particularly stimulating seminar. The creative energy in the group -- both faculty and students -- was very uplifting. The first creatively inspired thing I wrote when I returned was a new idea for a documentary. Not very literary but still spurred on by the residual "high."
Jan Stremme, Lakewood, CO

"Just wanted to tell you what a great pleasure it was to participate in Writing the Rockies this year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and be part of the panel discussion. The participants were genuinely interested and that made it all the more fun. I would gladly do it again.
Matt Davis, Publisher, Ghost Road Press, Denver, CO