General Registration Scholarships for Western Students, Alumni and Faculty

Alumni of Western's Graduate Program in Creative Writing, all current Western undergraduate and graduate students, all CALL Department alumni/ae, and all current and emeritus Western Faculty receive general registration scholarships. For further information, contact Western's Extended Studies Program at or 1-800-876-5309 , ext. 7, or

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General Registration Scholarships for K12 Educators

Thanks to a generous gift from Phyllis Gottesfeld Knight of Denver, the Graduate Program in Creative Writing at Western is pleased to offer several general registration scholarships to K-12 educators who wish to attend the Symposium on Poetry Criticism as part of Writing the Rockies this summer.

Each scholarship reduces the cost of general conference registration to just $100.

Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application form (available here), along with a formal request for the Symposium Educator's Scholarship, and a letter, on letterhead, from an administrator affirming their employment at any educational institution, public or private, at any level from primary school through high school.

Please fill out all materials and send them in pdf format to

Once we have processed your scholarship application, we will provide you with a scholarship code that will enable you to register on the storefront. Numbers are limited -- please apply early.

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