Energy Managment Program Application for Admission

In addition to this Energy Management (formerly Energy Management) application you must, apply separately for admission to the University.

To be considered for the Energy Management Program (Formerly the Professional Land and Resource Management Program), students must:

  1. Be admitted to Western State Colorado University, note this is a separate application process.
  2. Submit a completed application for the Energy Management Program on or before February 1.  Applications received after February 1 may be considered, pending Program capacity.

Please fill out the form below and upload the following:

  • Letter of recommendation:  Submit one letter of recommendation from someone (e.g., employer, coach, pastor, or teacher) who can speak to your character and work ethic.
  • Resume: Submit the most recent version of your resume.
  • Essay:  Your essay will be evaluated as a writing sample, be sure to pay close attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Context:   Land professionals are called upon to perform numerous tasks often under tight deadlines.  The tasks may include drafting documents, memos to management and presentations to management. In addition, a landman often interacts with other disciplines such as geology, engineering, accounting and legal both verbally and in writing. 

Essay Question:  What has motivated you to choose a career as a land professional.  Identify what skills you possess that will enable you to fulfill the role of a landman and give specific examples of instances when you applied those skills.

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The submission of this application grants your permission for PLRM faculty to obtain your transcripts and ACT or SAT scores from the Office of Admissions and share that information with the faculty committee reviewing your application.

Submission of this application confirms that the information, contained in this application, is true and accurate and all answers and essays are the work of the applicant and not someone else (i.e., parent, friend, relative, professional enrollment advisor, etc.).