Common Wild

Panel for Common Wild - Headwaters 2014


Devon Pena
Devon Peña

Directs the Acequia Institute in San Luis, Colorado.  He is also a Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington and his books include Mexican Americans and the Environment and The Terror of the Machine.



Kristen Atkins
Kirsten Atkins

began working with a group called Ancient Forest Rescue (AFR) in the early 90's and was also active with Earth First! AFR fought to protect Colorado's forests through education, litigation, and non violent direct action. Kirsten, along with other AFR activists went to San Luis CO in 1996 to join the effort to stop a massive logging operation. The "Culebra Coalition" was formed, and included AFR, La Sierra, and the Land Rights Council. Kirsten lives in Crested Butte where she has been working for the Adaptive Sports Center since 1987.


Enrique Salmon
Enrique Salmón

(pronounced sahl-móhn), is a Rarámuri (Tarahumara) and teaches at California State University East Bay.  He feels indigenous; cultural concepts of the natural world are only part of a complex and sophisticated understanding of landscapes and bicultural diversity, and he has dedicated his studies to Ethnobiology and Traditional Ecological Knowledge in order to better understand his own and other cultural perceptions of culture, landscapes, and place.  He is also the author of the book Eating the Landscape: American Indian Stories of Food, Identity, and Resilience


Shirley Romero Otero

is President of the Land Rights Council in San Luis, Colorado.  She is a teacher, is vice-president for the Colorado Statewide Parent Coalition, and is a member of the Latino Advisory Committee for the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and Mesa State College.