Colorado Water Workshop

40th Annual Colorado Water Workshop: Looking Back, Looking Ahead: 40 Years with the Water Workshop

 June 24-26, 2015. 

Registration for the workshop will be available on this site soon.

Scholarships are available for high school and college students (undergraduate and graduate) and non-profit organizations. Contact Workshop Director Jeff Sellen at for more information.

Sponsorships for the workshop are still available!

DRAFT AGENDA (subject to change)

Wednesday, June 24 

Kickoff BBQ Lunch at noon

Introduction: George Sibley (Former Workshop Director)

Session 1: How Does the Changing Science Inform Water Policy? (Topics: Climate Change, Beetle Kill, Dust on Snow)

Session 2: Irrigation Past and Present

Session 3: Agriculture and Water Policy

Wednesday Evening: POND Networking Reception and Film Across the Fence (on ranching in the Gunnison Valley)

Thursday, June 25

Morning Tours (choose one): Morrow Point Boat Tour, Tenderfoot Mountain Archaeological Tour, Mountain Biking Tour at Hartman's Rocks

Session 1: Forty Years of Water Education in Colorado

Session 2: Instream Flows and Non-Consumptive Uses

Session 3: Five Colorado Water Leaders Look to the Future

Thursday Evening: Water Trivia at the Alpine Brewery, Street Fair @ Downtown Gunnison

Friday, June 26

Session 1: Colorado Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs: An Evolving Colorado Water Law: Statute and Case Law

Session 2: Colorado Water Providers: Changing Perspectives, Changing Practices

Session 3: Looking Ahead to 2055

Thanks to our Sponsors!

Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District

Colorado River District

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District

Western State Colorado University

Ute Water

City of Gunnison

Southwestern Water Conservation District

Tri-County Water

Dolores Water Conservation District

Hoskin, Farina, and Kampf Law Office

Faculty & Staff


Professor of Biology
B.A., University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., University of North Texas
Phone: (970) 943-3405
Office Location: Hurst Hall 143C
Coldharbour Chair in Environment & Sustainability
Ph.D., Iowa State University, B.A., Hope College
Office Location: Kelley Hall 109
Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability, and Sustainable & Resilient Communities MEM Coordinator
BS, University of Colorado Denver, MBA, University of Houston, PhD, University of Colorado Denver
Office Location: Kelley Hall 104
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.A., James Madison University, M.S. University of Colorado Boulder, Ph.D. (ABD) Environmental Studies University of Colorado Boulder
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114A
Assistant Professor in Biology and Environment & Sustainability
B.A., Biology, University of California–Santa Cruz, 1995, Ph.D., Botany, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 2005
Phone: (970) 943-2565
Office Location: Kelly Hall 105
Senior Lecturer in Recreation and Outdoor Education
B.A., John Carroll University; , M.S., Western Illinois University
Phone: (970) 943-2115
Office Location: Wright Gym 222
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.S., University of Denver, M.S., University of Colorado Denver, Ph.D., Colorado State University
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114B
Professor and Director of the Master of Environmental Management Program; Professor of Env Sustainability & Philosophy; Director, Headwaters Project
B.A., Western State Colorado University; , M.A., St. John's College; , Ph.D., Washington State University.
Phone: (970) 943-3450
Office Location: Kelley Hall 107
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.A., Stanford University, MFA, University of Idaho
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114B
Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability, and Integrative Land Management MEM Coordinator
B.A., University of Colorado, M.S., Colorado State University, Ph.D., University of Alaska
Office Location: Kelley Hall 106
Associate Professor of Communication Arts
B.A., Humboldt State University; , M.F.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
Phone: (970) 943-3052
Office Location: Taylor Hall 212E
MEM Graduate Faculty, Professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education, Recreation and Outdoor Education Program Coordinator
B.S., University of New Hampshire; , M.A., Harvard Graduate School of Education;, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire.
Phone: (970) 943-2118
Office Location: Wright Gym 223
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability, and Biology
B.S., Winona State University, M.S., University of Minnesota Duluth, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Phone: 970.943.2024
Office Location: Kelly Hall 114
Director of Environment & Sustainability, Assistant professor of Environment & Sustainability, Director of the Colorado Water Workshop
B.A., Wartburg College; , M.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha;, Ph.D., Washington State University.
Phone: (970) 943-3162
Office Location: Kelley Hall 104
Professor of Anthropology
B.A., University of Colorado; , M.A., Ph.D., University of Minnesota.
Phone: (970) 943-2062
Office Location: Hurst Hall 31C
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.S. Colorado State University, M.S. Colorado State University
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114A
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability and MEM Global Coordinator
B.A., University of California San Diego, Ph.D. Purdue University
Office Location: Kelley hall 114A