Frequently Asked Questions

Course Evaluations

Q. How do I complete a course evaluation?
A. You can find ALL course evaluations at

Technical Resources

Q: How do I learn to use the online tools and make sure that I am finding all the resources that I need to complete my assignments?

A: Watch this Online Learning Orientation/Tutorials on how the courses are structured and how to use the Blackboard tools

Q. How can I get assistance with technical difficulties that I am having with my online class tools?

A. Contact the Western State Colorado University Student Helpdesk at 970-943-3333 or you can email them at

Program Resources:Transcripts

Q: How to check course grades or print unofficial transcripts?

A: Grades can be accessed through your MyWestern account. Logon to Inside Western and go to "Current Students," "MyWestern".

Q: How to request official transcripts?

A:  The information for how to request official transcripts can be found on the Western Registration Services website.

Licensure Resources:

Q: How can I check my status for licensure with CDE licensure?

A: You can access your licensure status by going to the following link on the CDE website