Business Administration and Environment & Sustainability (coordinated major)

Many students in the world of environment and sustainability find themselves working in a business setting. They need the skills and understanding from both sides to succeed in a strategic way. This combination of majors provides students with background in both areas, so they can successfully help businesses be more environmentally friendly, while supporting the bottom line.

Where are we headed as a society and a planet? How can we continue to live well without using up resources, such as minerals, clean water and even open space? Can we live better and not destroy mankind’s future?

If such questions get your juices flowing, a coordinated double major in Environment & Sustainability and Business Administration now brings together not just innovative ideas but the knowledge to make them happen in the real world.

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An introduction to identification of minerals and rocks and a discussion of their genesis followed by a study of landscapes formed by mass wasting, rivers, glaciers, ground water, and nearshore processes. Many of these principles are observed on local field trips. Prerequisite or corequisite: GEOL 101.

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