Pre-Nursing/Allied Health Major and Minor Requirements 2016-2017


The Pre-Nursing Emphasis requires a minimum of 54 credits including the 18-credit Biology Nucleus, 17 additional biology credits,
and 19 credits of supporting courses. Appropriate microbiology, chemistry and physics courses should be selected in consultation with
an advisor.
Required Biology courses:
BIOL 300 Basic Nutrition 3 cr
BIOL 372 Human Anatomy & Physiology I (with laboratory) 4 cr
BIOL 373 Human Anatomy & Physiology II (with laboratory) 4 cr
One of the following:
BIOL 201 Microbiology (with laboratory) 4 cr
BIOL 342 Microbiology 4 cr
At least two credits of Capstone Experience Courses:
BIOL 495 Senior Seminar (may be repeated) 1 cr
BIOL 496 Senior Thesis 2-4 cr
Minimum supporting courses:
CHEM 111 General Chemistry I 3 cr
CHEM 112 General Chemistry Laboratory I 1 cr
CHEM 113 General Chemistry II 3 cr
CHEM 114 General Chemistry Laboratory II 1 cr
CHEM 231 Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 3 cr
CHEM 234 Introductory Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory 1 cr
MATH 213 Probability and Statistics 3 cr
PHYS 140 Introductory Physics (with laboratory) 4 cr