Conference Schedule

Friday October 7th

5-6pm check in and dinner


Option 1 – Incorporating Integrative Medicine into Your Life and the Lives of Your Patients – This workshop will introduce integrative therapies such as Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Rheiki and other complimentary healthcare modalities as well as to provide details about the benefits of integrative care and how to promote optimal physical and emotional wellbeing in your life and the lives of those for whom you care. Roanne Rouse Houck, N.D., Naturopathic Doctor and owner of the Main Street Clinic, an integrative health and wellness center located in Gunnison.- HEALTH/ALL

Option 2 - Early Intervention & Identification of Special needs   - This workshop will cover the process for developmental screening, referral for further evaluation and linking families to services available for children birth to five years of age in Gunnison & Hinsdale Counties. Red flags indicating potential developmental concerns will be discussed. Jane Moloney, Child Find Coordinator, Gunnison School District EDUCATION

Option 3 - Mentoring, benefiting youth. A one hour conversation sharing the need for mentoring and results.  This will explore why it is important and share research as to what specifics in mentoring relationships are key to success. Partners:  Matthew Kuehlhorn, Case Manager (and other case managers to be determined)---FAMILY/ALL


Option 1 – Impact of Domestic Violence on Families and Children - This program will explore how the presence of domestic violence in families affects the adults and children involved. Psychological and social development will be addressed, in addition to indirect and long term consequences of observing and/or participating in abusive familial interactions. Outcome research will be presented on relationship quality and satisfaction, mental illness and substance abuse as consequences of domestic violence in one's family of origin. Dr. Suzy Coykendall - HEALTH/ALL

Option 2 –Early Intervention techniques for young children with ASD and related behaviors. What are the early signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Techniques for supporting a child with ASD or related behaviors in the home and in the classroom.  For educators, home care providers and parents. Anna Patel---EDUCATION

 Option 3 - History of Vaccines- This talk will cover the history of Vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases.  There will also be a question/answer period about current vaccines/trends/school and daycare requirements. Brenda Ryan, RN, CPEN (certified pediatric emergency nurse), Immunization nurse, Gunnison Public Health. FAMILY/HEALTH




Saturday October 8th

7-7:45 – Free yoga session with Caith Crosby

7-8:00- Registration and Breakfast

8:00-9:30 – KEYNOTE - The Impact of Social Media on Development. This is an educational seminar, based on current research on the impact of social media on development. The hypothesis is that adolescent users of social media are decreasing their interpersonal skills as well as decreasing their emotional and social intelligence as they become far more reliant than past generations on the internet for communication. Topic will be geared toward increasing awareness of such an impact during prime developmental years. Alison Walls, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Career Coach for Students. ALL

9:30-10:00 – BREAK


Option 1 -  “Peeling the Artichoke”:  How to Treat Adolescents with Eating Disorders. This seminar will explain the unique factors involved in eating disorder recovery for adolescents.  The focus will be on fostering an alliance, including family members, addressing the role of body image, utilizing group treatment, and working with issues of separation and individuation issues in older teens. Susan M. Cooper, PhD, PC ---HEALTH

Option 2 – Sensory Integration & Sensory Processing Disorders– What is sensory integration and why is it important for functioning?  Specific types of Sensory Processing Disorders and their signs and symptoms.Stacey Pozner, Occupational Therapist. EDUCATION/FAMILY

Option 3 – Multicultural - Panel of immigrant parents to talk about how to communicate effectively. Ellen Pedersen, Multicultural Resource. ALL


Option 1 – ” Peeling the Artichoke” Cont.

Option 2 – No Child Left Inside: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. Growing emphasis on test scores translating into more time in classrooms and less time playing outside, dominating digital distractions and schedules busy with soccer practices, music recitals, and extra-curricular projects have broken the bond between children and nature.  Each of these has value, but collectively they result in all-time high obesity, diabetes, ADHD, reduced cognitive functioning and creativity, not to mention the destruction of nature’s precious resources for our future generations. Environmental literacy is a vibrant educational movement spreading throughout learning communities.  This workshop describes the ancient way of passing on knowledge and connection to nature that gently draws children to the edge of their knowledge and experience and helps children realize their full potential. The second half of this workshop describes some playful activities that parents, educators, childcare professionals can use to help children restore their nature connections by re-connecting their sensory systems, rational processes, and imagination to the world around them. Eric Krawczyk, M.A., LPC, BCPCC---EDUCATION

Option 3 – Multicultural Cont.



Option 1 -Drug and Alcohol Abuse in teens and college students  -Drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent among today’s teenagers and college students.  Come and learn about the problem at hand, why it is a concern and what is being done to address drug and alcohol abuse in teenagers and college students.Nikki Williams, Physician Assistant. ALL

Option 2 -  No child left inside cont.

Option 3 – Helping Children Feel Joyful and Fulfilled in an Educational Setting and how these Elements Relate to Productivity. Each of us is more productive when fulfilled and happy.  Joy and happiness are essential feelings and are attainable in an educational setting.  This workshop outlines some key strategies to help children feel joyful and fulfilled which relate directly to productivity and potential.  Educators will gain insights to classroom strategies; parents will learn what to request of their child’s educational setting as well as ideas to use at home. :   Jackie Burt, Founder/Director of Orsch---EDUCATION/FAMILY


Option 1 - Your Child’s Brain – The Wave of a Healthy Future- This mini workshop explores astonishing current research in neurophysiology revealing the untapped strength and transformative process between you and your client’s brain. We investigate the natural connection that heals our client’s emotions and behaviors and strengthens our personal and professional relationships and come to understand why scientists say “if therapy works it transforms the limbic brain.”-Limbic Legacy - Kellie Rhodes, Aisland Rhodes  Consultant/Trainers. HEALTH

Option 2 – Risk Management in Rural Hospitals – This session will cover proactive and reactive risk management strategies. Topics will include workplace violence, managing difficult conversations, and patient safety initiative. An emphasis will be placed on rural settings. Ellen Zwirlein, BSN, RNC, Director of Patient Services. HEALTH

Option 3 - Early Childhood Literacy and Primary Care. Reading aloud to children stimulates language and cognitive skills, in addition to encouraging curiosity and memory.  However, less than half of young children in the US are read to daily.  Doctors in many clinics in Colorado use Reach Out and Read’s evidence-based model to promote early childhood literacy in the primary care medical setting.   This talk will discuss factors in early childhood literacy, examine a child’s developmental milestones in terms of books and literacy, and describe strategies for promoting early childhood literacy.  Meghan Treitz, MD--FAMILY

OPTION 4 - Pyramid Plus Session 1: Introduction to the Pyramid Plus Approach- Participants will gain an overview of the purpose and goals of The Pyramid Plus Center, Participants will understand what it means for Gunnison to be a Pyramid Plus Implementation Community and will learn about future plans and trainings, Participants will learn about the impact and prevalence of challenging behavior in young children, Participants will learn the differences between the CSEFEL Pyramid Module training and the Pyramid Plus Approach training. Johanna Berry Wasser, M.A. Pyramid Plus Trainer & Technical Assistant; Jane Moloney, Child Find Coordinator; Jessica Carroll, Pyramid Model Leadership Team Coordinator & Pyramid Plus Coach. - ASPINAL WILSON CENTER



Option 1 - Your Child’s Brain – The Wave of a Healthy Future Cont.

Option 2 -Chiropractic Care and the Benefits to Children. Did you know Chiropractic is about more than just aches and pains?  Join us for amazing information on how Chiropractic minimizes sickness and disease and maximizes and aids in proper childhood development. Dr. Jacob Sims---FAMILY/HEALTH

Option 3 – SOOTHING CHILDREN WITH THE LIGHT TOUCH OF REIKI -As a child, most of us have known the comfort of a loving pat or hug from a caring adult. The upset of physical bumps or emotional distress can affectively be soothed with the light touch of Reiki. In this workshop learn a few simple Reiki techniques to use with family and friends.  Corinne Cram and Barb Pachla: Master Reiki Teachers, Matrix Energetic and Reconnective Practitioners. ALL

Option 4 - Pyramid Plus: Intentional Planning & Embedded Learning Opportunities- Pyramid Model is an evidence based framework that promotes social and emotional competence for infants and young children. This interactive workshop is designed to give participants practical strategies for teaching in early childhood education. Participants will understand why embedded instruction is an effective practice. Participants will learn various teaching methods for teaching new skills. Participants will gain data collection tools to track progress. Participants will learn the steps and procedures to implement embedded instruction: what, when and how. Participants will learn that embedded instruction occurs throughout daily routines and across environments. Open to all interested in teaching young children. Johanna Berry Wasser, M.A. Pyramid Plus Trainer & Technical Assistant; Jane Moloney, Child Find Coordinator; Jessica Carroll, Pyramid Model Leadership Team Coordinator & Pyramid Plus Coach. MUST ATTEND ALL SESSIONS 2-6 PM. EDUCATION - ASPINAL WILSON CENTER


Option 1 – Medical Assisting in the Clinical Setting - A discussion on how medical assistants are changing the back-office setting compared to clinics only using nurses. Weight the benefits vs. the limitations. We will discuss how many clinics are specialized in different specialties and how medical assistants can be trained to meet the clinics needs. Demand for medical assistants continues to grow, especially in the US where the nursing shortage has required many doctor's offices to rely more heavily on medical assistants to perform basic tasks, like first contact with a patient, taking blood pressure or medical histories, and possibly performing some tests like ultrasounds or blood tests. What a medical assistant does may depend upon their qualifications, education and the needs of a specific medical practice or specialty. They often have dual roles, performing both clerical work and working with patients. Amy Connerton, Medical Assisting Instructor, RMA, EMT-I, BLS and Allied Health Instructor. STUDENTS/HEALTH

Option 2 – Mountain Roots Food Project; Healthy Soil, Healthy kids: Cultivating Children's Development Through Gardening- Playing in the garden provides an opportunity for kids to exercise the systems-thinking part of their brains, because gardening can draw connections between science, math, art, health and diet, and economics.  It provides an engaging and relevant way to teach useful life skills like basic carpentry, food production and preservation, and cooking skills.  Gardening can also convey the value of planning, communication, work ethic, creative expression, and the experience of self-soothing through “working meditation.”  Mountain Roots Food Project will present the work we are doing to create positive and holistic gardening experiences for kids in the Gunnison Valley, both in school and in the community, and share stories about the effects this work is having in kids’ lives. Renee Brekke-Ebbott, Holly Conn. ALL

Option 3 -A CELEBRATION OF KIDS AND FAMILY: Creating Rites of Passage and Coming-of-Age Rituals. "Join Marcie Telander, MA, LPC, CGP and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and Justin T. Fishback, TWG, Teen Mentor, Gestalt-Coach, and Program Director of the Earth-Based Institute for an interactive session offering a brief overview of life-stage rituals and their necessity for optimal health in family systems and child/adolescent development. We will discuss from a masculine, feminine, and intergenerational perspective the importance of rite of passage for healthy children. We will identify important interrelated qualities of cross-cultural tradition, ecumenical and Earth-Based ceremonies that deepen relationships to self, others, community, and spirit. We will discuss why these rituals must be celebrated with careful preparation and intergenerational witnessing. We will also focus on participants' questions, personal interests and needs and co-create specific contemporary rituals/ceremonies for use in your family, group, or community.". ALL


Option 1 –The Development of Self-Esteem- This class explores strategies for building and maintaining a positive self esteem in children and adults. We discuss the building blocks of self esteem. Low self esteem in children and adults manifests in negative and self-limiting ways.  This class provides practical strategies for enhancing self esteem ensuring positive outcomes in children and adults. Dr. Linda Williams HEALTH/FAMILY

Option 2 - INSURANCE AND ACCUPUNCTURE- Kaiser, the large HMO, has long recognized the benefits of acupuncture treatments as a stand-alone therapy and as part of an integrated program and offers it as a choice to their members.  Now other insurance companies will pay for visits to an acupuncturist because studies have shown the health benefits and that it lowers health care costs. Acupuncturist, Jessica Tullius will speak on what a visit entails, and how the treatment works. Jessica Tullius: Acupuncturist.HEALTH/FAMILY



Sunday October 9th

7:30-9:00- Registration and Breakfast

8-8:45 – Free Yoga with Caith Crosby

8- 8:50 - Pyramid Plus: Preparation in Developing a Behavior Support Plans - Pyramid Model is an evidence based framework that promotes social and emotional competence for infants and young children. In this fun and interactive workshop, participants will engage in small and large group activities to understand the foundations of developing Behavior Support Plans for children birth to eight years old. Behavior Support Plans are individualized to help decrease challenging behavior. Participants will assess current level of skill and comfort with developing behavior support plans and learn the difference between Positive Behavior Support verses traditional discipline approaches. Participants will receive a ‘roadmap’ to document the journey prior to developing behavior support plan. Participants will obtain an overview on the steps of creating and implementing a behavior support plan. Participants will evaluate their roles in behavior support teaming, development, and implementation. Participants will understand the importance of determining the form and function of behavior. Johanna Berry Wasser, M.A. Pyramid Plus Trainer & Technical Assistant; Jane Moloney, Child Find Coordinator; Jessica Carroll, Pyramid Model Leadership Team Coordinator & Pyramid Plus Coach MUST ATTEND ALL SESSIONS 8-2PM - COLLEGE CENTER


Option 1 -The treatment of anxiety disorders in children: The power of exposure therapy- This presentation will review the nature and treatment of anxiety problems in children. The effectiveness and delivery of exposure therapy, the most scientifically well-established child anxiety treatment, will be discussed. The presenter will describe the successful use of exposure therapy with anxious children and adolescents from his clinical practice. Brett Deacon, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Wyoming- HEALTH

Option 2 –  Problem Based Learning in the Health Sciences. Problem based learning is a teaching method that uses real world situations to promote critical thinking.  It engages students, encourages analytical thinking, and improves retention of information.  This seminar will examine the educational theory of problem based learning, describe an approach to teaching with cases, and provide the opportunity to work through example cases. Meghan Treitz, MD---COLLEGE EDUCATION

Option 3 – Pyramid - EDUCATION


Option 1 - Strengthening Resilience in Children and Families -This is an educational seminar, based on a strengths-based proactive approach to health and wellness in children and families. The “whys” and “hows” will be discussed at length, in order to encourage a new mindset in terms of promoting resilient coping responses to stress at all levels. Additionally, the components of resilience will be explained for increased understanding and applications of new strategies for parents, teachers (and clinicians if applicable). The role of adaptive coping and how this positively impacts the immune system will also be discussed (in contrast with the medical model’s aim at pathology and how stress breaks down immunity). Alison Walls, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist---HEALTH/FAMILY

Option 2– Problem Based Learning Continued

 Option 3 - Pyramid


Option 1 –  How to have a healthy Home- Learn to identify the hidden dangers of your child's health at home, topics covered are: Indoor Air Quality, Asthma and Allergies, Mold , Carbon Monoxide, Lead, Poisoning, Drinking Water, Hazardous Household Products, and Pesticides. CSU Gunnison County Extension, Sylvia Bonham, RN and outreach coordinator. HEALTH/FAMILY

Option 2 –Yoga Tools for Schools K-5- See and experience how yoga can benefit every student.  With less stress kids can achieve greater success!  We will cover appropriate breathing techniques, poses, games, activities and relaxation. Leia Morrison, yoga teacher for 11 years, certified Prana Vinyasa Flow instructor and an assistant to Shiva Rea.EDUCATORS


 Option 3 - Pyramid


Option 1 –  Surviving Second Hand Trauma - Traumatic experiences are an integral part of Human Service and Public Health work. These events can create anxiety, depression, a feeling of being overwhelmed, helpless, and hurt. Understanding how your brain works during these traumatic events provides an opportunity for you to learn how to better manage through these difficult situations. This brief introductory session identifies how simple dialogue and practical techniques can ignite your own personal development and enhance your relationships with your customers, co-workers and clients. Limbic Legacy - Kellie Rhodes, Aisland Rhodes  Consultant/Trainers - HEALTH/FAMILY

Option 2 – Aprenda identificar los peligros ocultos de la salud de su hijo en el hogar, los temas tratados son los siguientes:La Calidad del aire interior, El Asma y Alergias, El moho , El monóxido de carbono, El envenenamiento por plomo, El agua potable, Productos de limpieza del hogar, Pesticidas. CSU Gunnison County Extension, Sylvia Bonham, RN and outreach coordinator. FAMILY

Option 3 – Pyramid


Option 1 – Secondhand Trauma Cont.

Option 2 - Equine Assisted Therapy – Sometimes ‘bridging the gap’ means doing what works.  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an experiential, collaborative therapy in which a mental health professional and an equine professional work together with horses to facilitate a person’s learning about themselves through activities with the horses.  Horses for Change was founded in 2007 at The Center for Mental Health in Gunnison and since that time, has helped dozens of clients of all ages with a wide variety of issues.  This interactive workshop will demonstrate what EAP is (and isn’t) and discuss how it motivates change and learning through the use of metaphor and in-the- moment experiencing.  Amanda Graham, MS, LPC, NCC.  Program Supervisor for The Center for Mental Health, and Mentor for the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) . HEALTH

Option 3– - PYRAMID

OPTION 4 - NUTRITION THERAPY- Amy Zalbowitz  CNT will demonstrate the Applied Kinesiology protocols she uses to effectively treat clients of all ages with weight issues, ADD, ADHD, depression, fibromyalgia, IBS, colitis, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue/pain, headaches, allergies, food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, dysbiosis (fungal/candida, bacterial, parasitic and viral), heavy metal toxicity, nutritional imbalances, etc. Amy Zalbowitz: Certified nutritionist HEALTH/FAMILY - WELLNESS DEMONSTRATION ROOM

2-2:30 – BREAK




2:30 - 4:00 Patch Adams/ Salida Circus