Latin American Studies



A culminating experience to the minor in Latin American Studies in which students develop a portfolio of their best work from courses taken in the minor, and write a reflective essay indicating how those projects represent their learning in the program. The portfolio and essay will be assessed by the LAS Council members, and the Coordinator's signature is required as evidence of completion of the requirement. A grade of Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will be reported to the Registrar once the portfolio has been evaluated by the Coordinator. Prerequisite: senior standing and prior completion of all, or co-enrollment in any remaining LAS requirements.

Latin America is a complex and diverse region that resulted from the encounter of indigenous societies, European colonizers, and African peoples. Latin America today is one of the most dynamic regions in the world in terms of economic growth, political interaction with the U.S., and the preservation of natural and cultural resources. The minor in Latin American Studies provides students an opportunity to study this field from a variety of disciplinary angles. By employing the tools of various disciplines, including art and art history, history, Spanish, geography and others, students can begin the process of understanding these fascinating peoples and nations. The increasing interdependence of the Americas demands that students gain as much exposure as possible to the issues and forces related to the constantly changing relationships between the United States and Latin America.




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