Courses 2013-2014

FREN 101   Elementary French I  3 credits
An introduction to understanding, speaking, writing, and reading French. Reserved for students with fewer than two years of high school French.

FREN 102   Elementary French II  3 credits
A continuation of FREN 101. Prerequisite: FREN 101 or equivalent.

FREN 254   Intermediate French I  3 credits
A continuation of the elementary course with special emphasis on speaking and writing the language. Prerequisites: FREN 101 and FREN 102 or equivalent (two years or more of high school French).

FREN 255   Intermediate French II  3 credits
A systematic review of French grammar through translation and reading of modern texts. Prerequisites: FREN 254 or equivalent.

FREN 256   French Literature in Translation  3 credits
A survey of well-known and respected works of French-language literature, from the Middle Ages through modern times that have been translated into English. All class     discussion and writing assignments are in English. Prior French-language courses are not required.

FREN 264   French Conversation and Composition I  3 credits
Intensive conversation and composition to achieve competency in the target language. Prerequisite: FREN 254 or equivalent.

FREN 297   Special Topics  1-6 credits

FREN 380   History of French Civilization  3 credits
A survey of the history, institutions, and arts of the French nation, from its origin to the present. Conducted in French except when the course is offered through the Honors Program. Prerequisite: FREN 255 or equivalent.

FREN 392   Independent Study  1-6 credits
An opportunity for individual research on topics of interest to students (literature, business, education, media), studied from the French perspective. Prerequisite: FREN 254.

FREN 397   Special Topics  1-6 credits

FREN 432   Contemporary French Life  3 credits
An introduction to the customs and contemporary lifestyles of native speakers of the French language, from France and its various regions to French-speaking Europe, Africa, and North America. The course provides insights that enable students to relate to and interact with people of the French-speaking world. Prerequisite: FREN 255.

FREN 490   Workshop in France  1-8 credits
A series of workshops, offered in France or other French-speaking countries of the world, which are designed to study various aspects of contemporary issues in modern France: business, media, society, etc.

FREN 492   Independent Study  1-4 credits
A special study in areas of student interest. May be taken for a maximum of four credits.