Water Workshop 2008


33rd Colorado Water Workshop – May 14-16, 2008 


 (All events in the Kebler Room, College Union, except as otherwise noted) 

Page references below are to the “Presenters’ Abstracts and Bios” section following this program, 

WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 14 – Pre-conference Event 

11:00  Americorps*VISTAs Working in Local Watersheds 

            A presentation by VISTA and Americorps volunteers working with Colorado watershed groups.

11:45    Welcome Back! Lunch served in Red Mountain Room and on patio.

1:00      Welcome and Opening remarks - George Sibley, Acting Director

1:10    2050 Visions: Colorado's new water leaders contemplate the legal, socioeconomic and physical infrastructure we will need by 2050, given predictions for water and energy demand and supply.

    • Dick Wolfe, State Water Engineer
    • Jennifer Gimbel, Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board
    • Nicole Seltzer, Director, Foundation for Colorado Water Education
         Presentations followed by questions and discussion.

2:45     The Water-Energy Nexus: We can't have more of one without more of the other

Energy/Water Interdependencies and Emerging Challenges, Mike Hightower, Distinguished Member, Energy Security Center, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM

Water and Energy in the Arkansas River Valley, Stacy Tellinghuisen, Researcher, Western Resource Advocates, Boulder
   Questions and Discussion

3:45      Break, move to TAYLOR HALL AUDITORIUM

4:00    When National Priorities meet Local Watersheds I: Rural Impact! What to Expect from the Gas Industry and How to Address It   Showing of the DVD, introduction of filmmaker Aurielle Andhara, and responses to the film from:

    • Doug Hock, Encana Oil & Gas, representing Colorado Oil & Gas Association
    • Senator Gail Schwartz, Colorado General Assembly
    • John Duggan, Coordinator, Source Water Assessment & Protection Program, DPHE
    • Lisa Bracken, Landowner and Conservationist, Rifle, CO
         Questions and Discussion

6:00    Social Time, Red Mountain Room and Patio, College Union

6:30    Banquet, Kebler Room, College Union

            Address during salad course from Dr. Jay Helman, President, Western State College, on “The Challenges of this New Century for Higher Education” 

7:30    Keynote Presentation

            Water, Energy, Mining and Life in the Four Corners  Justice Greg Hobbs, Colorado Supreme Court (8) 


8:30 Panel: Energy and Water Resources in the Upper Colorado River Region

10:30  Panel: Using and Protecting the Water Resource in Energy Development

12:15  Lunch


1:30  Betrayal of Trust: The Black Mesa Experience and other tribal issues with Mining, Energy and Water

  • Vernon Masayesva, Hopi Tribe, Black Mesa Trust
  • Nicole Horseherder, Navajo Tribe, To’ Nizhoni Ani (“Beautiful Water Speaks”)
  • Bill McCabe, Denver, Engineer working with tribes on major renewable energy developments
  • Peter Lavigne, Western State College faculty, introducing session and moderating

3:45    Break

4:00  Energy – Along with Everything Else That’s Going On 

          Information from, and a Conversation with, State Representative Kathleen Curry (HD 61), Bart Miller of Western Resource Advocates, and Chris Treese of the Colorado River Water Conservation District, moderated by Mark Shively, president of the Douglas County Water Resources Authority.

5:00    Adjourn for the day

FRIDAY, May 16

8:30  Black Canyon Water Right Update

  • Bart Miller, Water Program Director, Western Resource Advocates, representing some of the environmental opposers in the Black Canyon filing.
  • John McClow, Attorney, Upper Gunnison River WCD, representing local interests above canyon

Because this situation has not been completely resolved, the federal agencies involved have been advised to not speak on the situation.

9:30  When National Priorities come to Local Watersheds II

Hannah Holm, Water Organizer, Western Colorado Congress, introducing and moderating the three sub-sessions and discussion

Some Stories of Extractive Industries in Local Watersheds, Past and Present

Leadville, Its Mining Heritage and the Environmental Protection Agency” – Carl Miller, former miner, state legislator, local historian  (16)

“Crested Butte’s Coal Creek Story:  How Our Past National Priorities Led to Our Current National Priority Listing as a Superfund Site” – Anthony Poponi, Coal Creek Watershed Coalition

Some Stories of Trying to Work It Out in Advance, Present and Future

Water and Gas in the Lower Grand Valley – Trying to work it out in Advance” – Greg Trainor, Grand Junction Utilities Manager; and Tim Sarmo, Palisade City Administrator  (17)

"Mining and Watershed Protection in Okanogan County, WA” – David Banton, L.Hg, R.G., Principal Hydrogeologist, Golder Associates, Inc.  (17)

A Discussion of the Still Unsettled Terrain between National Priorities on Public Lands and Community Needs in Local Watersheds

The Party Goes On: Background on the Regulation of Mining on Public Lands” – David Stiller, Ph.D., Hotchkiss, CO, Environmental Consultant  (18)

"The Federal Perspective on Watershed Ordinances” – Linda Bledsoe, Realty Specialist, US Forest Service  (18)

"Potential For Regulatory Role By Counties” – David Baumgarten, Gunnison County Attorney, presented by Tom Gill, Deputy County Attorney  (19)

Discussion and questions among presenters and all conferees.

12:30 Lunch

Peter Binney, Black and Veatch Global Director of Sustainable Water Planning; and recently retired Manager, Aurora Utilities