Library Prospector & Marmot Holds

What are Prospector & Marmot Holds?

These are self-service features we offer, free of charge, thanks to our membership in the Colorado / Wyoming library consortiums, Marmot and Prospector, also called "Patron Placed Holds." Simply search for desired item using the Savage Library online catalog to find Western and Marmot library materials.  Prospector items will show below your search results.  Alternatively, you may search just the Prospector catalog. Upon finding what you need, click on the "request it" box to input your name and library barcode number. If you have questions on this sharing service, please contact a library staff member.

How is this different from Interlibrary Loan?

Patron Placed Holds is a regional sharing system that gives you the freedom to find and request numerous books, films, CDs and more.  You may borrow items from Colorado and Wyoming libraries who are members of  Marmot Library Network or Prospector. Interlibrary Loan is similar in that patrons search for and request items, but the process is mediated by library staff who request materials from libraries world-wide.  Finally, Patron Placed Holds are free to borrow, whereas interlibrary loans items may incur fees.

What are the consequences of returning an item late, damaged or not at all?

Marmot and Prospector sharing is a free service, however, late, lost or damaged items will incur fines.

We are happy to extend due dates as allowed by lending library. Also, we give you ample opportunity to return materials on time.  Patrons receive a courtesy reminder which states that items are due soon and provides the due date.  This is  followed by an overdue notice outlining possible penalties once items become past due.  A third and final notice informs the patron that item has been overdue long enough to be considered "lost" and has incurred a  $100 fine, which includes a non-refundable $10 late fee.  If item is returned in condition received, only the $10 late fee remains.  If item has been lost or damaged, come talk with us to discuss your options. Replacements are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Savage Library staff are always willing to listen and help, so come talk with a staff member if you ever have a problem or question regarding borrowing, your account, etcetera.

Borrower responsibilities:

  • Return borrowed material on time and in the condition it was given to you.
  • Observe any special conditions set for use of borrowed material by the lending institution. Special instructions are indicated on the book strap and may include: a) Library Use Only; b) Photocopying Not Allowed; c) No Renewals, etc.
  • Remember: you are liable for any lost or damaged material. If you loan borrowed material to someone else, you are still responsible for getting it back to the library on-time.