Honors Colloquiums 2009

Evolution of Faith:

Levi Gill was interested in the questions: What do evolving religious representations imply about faith and upon what assumptions do we define faith?  He was interested in exploring the ways faith evolves and manifests itself through narrative and metaphor.  This project was connected to PHIL 345 Philosophy of Religion under the supervision of Dr. Anthony Miccoli.

High Tech Trash:

Nicholette De Rosia developed a project which connected material from SOC 150 Environmental Sociology with the book High Tech Trash to further explore the nature of sustainability, environmental justice and the rights of nature.  She was especially interested in how inequality plays into electronic waste disposal on a global level.  This project was supervised by Dr. Dan Cress.


Intrigued by her HIST 250 History of the Middle East course, Michelle Young developed a directed readings project to learn more about Islam.  In consultation with Dr. Jim Stewart, Michelle developed a bibliography of works on Islam and read them and met regularly for discussion with Dr. Stewart to increase her understanding about Islam.


In POLS 309 Political Thought I, students read and discussed the writings of Machiavelli.  Max Lindsey then developed a colloquium project which allowed him to examine the influence of Machiagelli on modern political thought today. 

Marketing and Publicity:

Reid Andrews assisted supervising faculty Professor Marc Duncan in a consultation project with the Gunnison Arts Center.  This project allowed Reid to apply marketing and publicity theories from BUAD 345  Consumer Behavior to a real-life consulting project.


Feeling that his theoretical understanding of communism and socialism was not developed enough, Dan Blackmon developed a research project on Karl Marx and Marxism for his POLS 117 Introduction to Political Ideas course.  This project allowed him a great intellectual engagement with the topics than the regular course material of a survey of political thought allowed.  This project was supervised by Dr. Maria Struble.

Alternative Medicine:

Dan Blackmon researched and developed a class lecture on alternative medicine for his SOC 322 Medical Sociology class. Dan was responsible for delivering the course material on the topic to his classmates in addition to the regular presentation requirements of the course. Dan was particularly interested in the relationship between alternative medicines and counseling and the often tense relationship between western medicine and alternative forms.

Nicotine Study:

As part of her CHEM 101 Introduction to Chemistry course, Erika Espinoza researched the chemistry of nicotine; the development of new nicotine products; and their impact on the cigarette industry.   This project was supervised by Dr. Jason Mullins.

Organizational Stress:

Reid Andrews was able to act as a research assistant to Professor Michaela Driver, a leading expert in the field of organizational behavior.  Using Professor Driver's theoretical approaches, Reid conducted a series of interviews and gathered data on what causes stress at work and how individuals cope with workplace stress.

Romance Fiction: 

This project allowed Sarah Foster to further develop one of her creative writing projects, a romance novel.  Applying elements writing covered in ENG 300 Creative Fiction, Sarah explored scene and character development, point of view, and dialog and plot development to expand a workshop piece into a more substantial work of romantic fiction. This project was supervised by Professor Teresa Milbrodt.

Sci-Fi Graphic Design:

Jessica Powers created a multimedia web style database for a fictional futuristic narrative.  With this project Jessica was able to combine content and skills from her Graphic Design major and from her English Minor.  She also learned to master Dreamweaver and Blender Computer graphics programs.

Taxes and Economy:

Reid Andrews developed a research project which analyzed the use of taxes in stabilizing the economy and in promoting economic growth in the US economy. This project was connected to ECON 201 Macroeconomics under the supervision of Dr. David Plante.

United Nations:

Reid Andrews researched US attitudes towards the United Nations and explored the way the US acts within the global community. This project was connected to BUAD 340 Global Business and was supervised by Richard Daerr.