Panel 2: Food Security

Panel Description

While Headwaters towns like Gunnison have a 61 day growing season, many organizations and landowners have re-imagined the possibility of global food security in Headwaters communities.  This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities of food security in the region and beyond, from the multi-generation practices of an acequia farmer, to the bio-sequestration vision of a plains farmer, to the ecological resilience of Gunnison farmers and food educators.

Panel Participants

  • Wayne White, Owner, Creekridge Farms; author Biosequestration and Ecological Diversity
  • Joe Gallegos, Acequia Farmer and Costilla County Commissioner
  • Beth Coop, Gunnison Farmer's Market
  • Brian Goldstein and Dakota Becker, Co-Founders and Producers, Headwaters Farm