Summer Residency

2014 Summer Residency Dates: July 13th - July 27

2014 Summer Residency Information coming soon!

The MFA summer residency program in Gunnison, Colo., is an invigorating convocation of poets, fiction writers, script writers, scholars, publishers, producers, editors, and others actively involved in the writing and film industries. The program includes workshops, lectures, panels, student and faculty readings, and special events. Students engage in the composition and study of their craft, opening a dialogue that continues to inspire and inform their writing throughout the year.


Interactive and innovative, the summer residency is centered on the writer's life. Whether developing pre-writing strategies, exploring narrative chronology and technique in both fiction and film, work-shopping your work, or pitching your work to guest agents and editors, the residency enables our students to grow within their craft as they build supportive relationships to challenge the evolution of their writing. 

During the summer residency, the M.F.A. program also hosts the Writing the Rockies conference. The conference offers beginners, published writers, and anyone else who believes in the power of the written word the opportunity to hone their craft, to explore the changing landscapes of fiction, poetry and film, and to talk at leisure to scheduled agents and book publishers. In addition to workshops, panels, and readings, celebrated poets and critics gather at the Critical Path Poets Symposium to discuss, debate, and explore modern criticism. The M.F.A. Summer residency is a place where writers build upon their talents and potential as they realize a greater sense of their community. Surrounded by fellow writers, your instructors and guest speakers, you'll begin to realize your role in the active creation of literature and film. And you'll gather the skills and knowledge to pursue and expand your role as a writer.